Recruiting Women & Bicycles Roll Models!

With your help we will work to inspire, support, and mentor 500 women to get out and give biking a try in 2015!

Become a Roll Model


The Women & Bicycles Program Philosophy

We’re a community of women working to get more women biking, teaching, and leading the bike movement. We connect with women in our lives who don’t bike and create opportunities to share information and tips and tricks, answer questions and concerns, and ultimately remove barriers to biking. It’s mentorship, this each one teach one method, that drives our community.

The Role Of Roll Models

Roll Models are official program mentors. Just like you, they are enthusiastic about biking and are already working to get friends and family members to give it a try. You achieve our program’s mission by bringing new women into the bike movement and serving as a personal mentor. Your mentorship is the crucial infrastructure in the bike movement that provides encouragement and information necessary for people new to biking. PLUS, as a Roll Model you get special prestige in our community and some great gifts along the way.

Expectations of Roll Model and Commitments

Your time commitment is a minimum of 10 total hours  from now til November
You’ll attend an orientation in the next two months
Your expectations are outlined in the survey and broken down in orientation
This work is fun and rewarding and a great way to give back to your friends!

Survey Breakdown

This survey takes 10 minutes or less
There are two sections: Six Roll Model Expectations, and Tell Us About Yourself

Please click here to fill out our survey.

THANK YOU Bethesda Whole Foods Market!

Even with a cold drizzle off and on throughout the day, our partnership with the Bethesda Whole wfm_bethesda_logo-01Foods Market really warmed us up! When the receipts were totaled, Whole Foods Bethesda donated a whopping $4992 to WABA. We are so thankful for their generous financial support. Besides the donation it was great to visit with the folks shopping throughout the day and sharing with them our stories of Montgomery County bicycling and how we’re working to make it better. We handed out all our maps (even had to request an emergency delivery of more from our WABA staffers), let residents and shoppers know about our great set of classes and rides coming up, and even our newly announced Bike Camp for kids. So, thank you Whole Foods Bethesda and thanks to all who shopped that day to help support WABA.

PS: the Bethesda Whole Foods Market is hosting a special AFTER Bike To Work Day party from 4-7pm on Friday May 15th. Celebrate on your way home via the CCT with $1 hot dogs, $1 freshly shucked oysters. Plus burgers and veggie burgers fresh off the grill for only $3 too!

Bike Funding Saved in Arlington!

Last week, the Arlington County Board voted to protect all bicycle and pedestrian funding in the County budget. The County Manager’s proposed budget cut much of the biking and walking program, and had the County Board approved those cuts,  installation of bike lanes, trail projects, bikesharing and other projects would have stalled.

In March, WABA alerted our Arlington members and supporters about the proposed budget cuts. Hundreds of residents contacted Board Members asking to reinstate the funds. Responding to the public feedback, the Board voted to sustain FY2015 funding levels.

The Board shifted some of the funding source from PAYGO funds to HB2313 local funds. HB2313 is the 2013 Virginia’s transportation appropriations bill. The bill includes funds for local jurisdictions. These funds must go towards transportation projects and not other County priorities.

The budget was formally adopted at last night’s County Board meeting. Thank you to the Arlington County Board for restoring core funding for biking and walking. Investing today in the programs and infrastructure that encourage biking will pay future dividends. Resident will enjoy diverse transportation options, stronger the local community and support the County’s economy.

Two upcoming Met Branch Trail Events

Come chat with the Trail Rangers at events around the Met Branch Trail this week! We’ll be joining the NoMa BID at their public walkshop on Wednesday afternoon, and heading over to Union Market to talk trails on Sunday at the REI Village.

MBT Coffee Hour 12.12.2014

From the NoMa BID:

The NoMa Business Improvement District, Metropolitan Police Department, District Department of Transportation and local stakeholders, leaders and advocates are leading an effort to enhance safety, accessibility and the user experience on the Metropolitan Branch Trail.

They created the survey below to collect information from community members (you!) about the trail and its use. Whether you are a trail user or not, your participation is essential to the success of this process.

Take the survey

Also, a mobile workshop (walk-shop!) will be held from 5-8pm on Wednesday, April 22nd to collect feedback along the trail. For more information, and to RSVP, please contact Lauren at or check out

Union Market Rangering

Come talk about trails with us from 11am – 3pm on Sunday April 26th at Union Market – we’ll have a booth at the REI Village. In addition to our table, there will be a number of other activities run by REI Village and Union Market going on so come to chat future trails and stay for afternoon!

Event Details

When: 11 am – 4 pm, April 26th
Where: Union Market (1309 5th St NE) map
For full event details, see here

Strong Turnout, Great Ideas at Suitland Road Walk Saturday, about two dozen area residents gathered for a community walk on Suitland Road in southern Prince George’s County. We saw a strong showing from the Suitland Civic Association, Dupont Village Neighborhood Watch, Black Women Bike DC, invested neighbors and commuters. Though everyone arrived by different modes – car, bike, train and bus – we all set out together on foot to imagine what a “Safer Suitland Road” could look like.

Starting near the intersection of Silver Hill and Suitland Road, the group walked north along the commercial strip to the water tower. Along the way, we took note of challenges to walking, biking, transit and accessibility. Intermittent sidewalks, unpaved walking paths, wide travel lanes, high speeds, debris filled shoulders and some deep puddles made the list. Walking back the group considered solutions to these challenges.

With fresh ideas, stories, and new acquaintances, we sat down for a discussion at the Suitland Community Center on what Suitland Road is today and what a safer, more complete Suitland Road might look like. Over the next hour, we catalogued some of the biggest challenges to walking and biking and discussed some solutions, including protected bike lanes, which could make a substantial improvement.

Surveys showed some clear trends. Wheelchair access on Suitland Road is very challenging while driving is relatively easy. Priority number one for survey respondents include: “sidewalks and protected bike lanes on both sides”, “continuous sidewalk”, “enforce traffic speed”, “speed limit”, “protected bike lane” and  “bus shelter”. Priority two includes: “crosswalks”, “walking safety”, “better lighting”, “sidewalks”. Priority three includes: “bike traffic signs”, “crosswalks”, “shelter for bus stops”, “lights” and “reduce the speeding”

It was terrific to see such a strong turnout from the community and to hear so many great ideas for creating a safer Suitland Road. The WABA Action Committee for Prince George’s will continue working with the Civic Association, neighborhood groups, and state and county officials to push these dreams towards reality.

Anacostia River Festival Abuzz with Bikes


Anacostia Park was bustling on Sunday with the first annual Anacostia River Festival. So many people from near and far away from the trail came down to the riverbank to listen to music, paddle canoes, ride the trails and connect with their neighbors. Lots of folks stopped by our booth to better understand how the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail connects, see what the future holds when the Kenilworth section opens up in 2016 and swap ideas for summer rides.

Anacostia Fest 2 (1)

Trail Rangers also led two groups around a guided loop of the trail to introduce the trail to new and familiar riders alike. The five mile loop up to Benning Road allowed us to explore both banks of the river, see some of the many connections the trail has to the street grid and spot a few herons. It was a beautiful blue sky day to be out for a ride, and the trails were full of people coming and going from the festival.

Anacostia Fest 5 (1)



Wanted: Volunteer Photographers for Bike To Work Day

Photo by Peter Klosky

photo: Peter Klosky

We’re looking for some camera carrying folks to help us take pictures on Bike To Work Day (May 15th). Here’s the deal:

WABA needs a better stock photo library. Particularly, we need more images that showcase the range of people who bike in our region and show off the best of our region’s bicycling infrastructure. A great photo is a powerful advocacy tool, and we’re hoping you can help us strengthen our toolbox. Plus, it will be fun!

So here’s our ask:

  1. Spend half an hour or an hour on the morning or evening of Bike To Work Day in a designated location with your DSLR (or rangefinder or mirrorless, or other nifty camera).
  2. Take a bunch of pictures.
  3. Send them to us.
  4. That’s pretty much it. When you sign up, we’ll send along some suggestions about what makes photos particularly useful for WABA, but you know better than we do how you and your camera work together, so follow your muse.

Process your photos if you want, but don’t feel obligated. We can do that. We’d rather do the watermarking ourselves so it fits in with the rest of our branding (see below for our commitment to crediting you for your work).

If you’re selecting photos before sending them (again, don’t feel obligated, we’re happy to do the sorting), remember that for WABA’s purposes, a good genuine smile is more important than perfect focus, exposure or composition.

Send us the photos in whatever form is easiest. Dropbox, Google Drive, thumb drive.

sign up

WABA’s End of This Deal

We understand that you are not only volunteering your time and skills, but your intellectual property. When we use your photos, we commit to credit you for your work in the following ways:

  1. On social media: a watermark photo credit usually in the lower right of the image. In this context, the watermark ensures that as an image is shared, your name will stay attached to it.
  2. In email & on our website: we will include credit (with a link if you like) in the photo caption.
  3. In print: Credit under photo or in a watermark
  4. In metadata: We’ll make sure to retain your credit in the metadata in all versions of the image.

You can sign up to participate here.

If you have questions, please email or call 202-518-0524 x201.