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The Tree House Tour de Cookie [Promoted] Sat, May 2 |  Rockville, MD, USA
A fundraising ride for The Tree House, a child services nonprofit. Learn More
The Tree House Tour de Cookie (Promoted) Sat, May 2 |  Rockville, MD
A fundraising ride for The Tree House, a child services nonprofit.Learn More
Adult Learn to Ride + DC United game! - Washington, DC Sat, May 2 |  RFK Stadium parking lot #8A
Click here for more information and to register. Learn to Ride teaches adults who never learned how to ride a bike. Starting with balance, riders move at their own pace. It really works! This class is not subsidized, and so the cost is higher than our other classes. Registration for this class includes a ticket to the DC United game at 7:00 PM on May 2nd.
City Cycling Class - Friendship Heights, MD Sun, May 3 |  GEICO Corporate Office, 5260 Western Avenue, Chevy Chase, MD 20815, United States
Registration is open for Montgomery County Residents ONLY until Friday, 4/24. After that date, registration will be open for all. Click here to register and for a detailed description of the class. City Cycling is a biking and learning experience for all riders. Come join us for a few hours to build confidence, learn skills, and get the most out of your time on two wheels!
Blog Posts
Volunteers Needed for Flier and Poster Night! Daniel Hoagland

Join us Wednesday for a Volunteer Night of putting up fliers and posters around town.

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What is a Quick Release Anyway? Daniel Hoagland

In bike news this week, Trek Bicycles has recalled nearly a million of their bicycles due to problems with their quick release levers. Here’s a quick primer on this commonly misused part of your bike.

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Recruiting Women & Bicycles Roll Models! Nelle Pierson

With your help we will work to inspire, support, and mentor 500 women to get out and give biking a try in 2015!

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