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Maps & Guides

A comprehensive list of the various maps and guides from around the greater DC area. Many are available as pdfs, but some may require you to stop by the WABA office or to contact another area organization. Learn more.


DC, Maryland and Virginia are connected by an extensive web of biking trails and multi-use paths. This map shows you the network at-a-glance and has a listing of the trails along with links to their individual web pages. Learn more.

Bicycle Crashes FAQ

Read it before you need it. Should you find yourself in a bike crash, we want you to know what to do. Learn more.

Bike Laws

Here you can find information on the traffic laws pertaining to bicycles in the DC area, as well as a chart comparing the state laws of Maryland, Virginia and the District. Learn more.

Bike Commuting

Whether you do it to save money, burn calories, save the planet or avoid congestion, commuting by bicycle can be a great fit for your workday. Here's all you need to know. Learn more.

Bikes on Transit

Bikes and transit are a good match, most of the time. Here's the info you need to take your bike on area public transit options (including WMATA buses and Metro). Learn more.

Bike Shops

Complete listing of all the shops in the Washington region that offer a discount to WABA members. Learn more.

Bike Co-ops

There are a growing number of local bicycle cooperatives in the Washington region providing shop space for fixing up your bike. Many co-ops have an earn-a-bike program and classes in bike maintance. Learn more.

Group Biking

Meet other DC-area cyclists and hit the trails. Here is a list of regular group rides that we know
about. Learn more.



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