Climate Ride
NYC-DC 2012

May 19th - 23rd, 2012

Climate Ride NYC-DC is a grand cycling adventure that connects two of the nation’s most important cities – New York and Washington, DC – by bicycle. The ride begins with an exciting departure from Manhattan by ferry, then travels through charming towns in rural New Jersey and Amish Country. The finale is a hero’s welcome and rally at the steps of the US Capitol. Climate Ride is more than a bike trip – it’s an inspiring journey with 150 like-minded people who are united by their passion for sustainability, renewable energy, and bicycles - the ultimate carbon-free form of transportation. Climate Ride also features an acclaimed nightly speakers series, known as the ‘green conference on wheels,’ where we hear from bright minds in policy, advocacy and innovation.

Everyone who has participated in Climate Ride raves about the tour as a ‘life-changing’ and ‘eye-opening’ experience. What is even better is that you can enjoy this great event, while at the same time helping to support WABA’s mission. Climate Ride has opened up the beneficiary choices so now you can choose to support WABA specifically with your fundraising dollars. If you select us as your beneficiary when you register or join our Team WABA, we will be the recipient of the funds you raise, which means our efforts will gain even more traction in the future.

Registration for Climate Ride NYC-DC 2012 is $75 (which includes a beautiful jersey and more), and then you raise at least $2400 to participate in the five-day, all-inclusive event. The ride is fully-supported by a team of talented leader-hosts, bike mechanics, medics, and massage therapists. Climate Ride is also one of the 'greenest' multi-day charity ride events in the world.

Learn more about Climate Ride at


WABA is proud to sponsor a team of Climate Riders for the NYC to DC ride. We will also be hosting informal training rides for team members and folks interested in join the Climate Ride.

In our appreciation for your efforts, WABA will outfit you in a Team WABA Climate Ride bike jersey! The jersey (pictured at the right) has been designed and produced by Primal Custom Cycling Apparel.

We will be updating this page shortly with Team WABA member's bios, training ride schedules, team member fundraisers, etc. Stay tuned!

Visit the Team WABA Fundraising page on the Climate Ride Website.

Team WABA Riders


Josh Lasky

For me, Climate Ride is about standing up for the environment and advocating for change. I ride because I have faith in humanity to secure a healthy, just, and equitable future for generations to come. I joined Team WABA because I believe a strong bicycling community can lead the local sustainability transformation and make a tremendous positive impact on individuals and communities in Washington.

Support Josh Lasky






Dan Barry

I am a long-time environmentalist, an avid cyclist (when not driving kids to and from school), a bike activist in DC (was on the BAC for ten years), and have lived in DC for more than 25 years. I am the guy at DDOE who is writing the city’s climate action plan, so the climate ride combines two important interests of mine. 

I am riding in part to support local action on climate, sustainability and active transportation, and partly to celebrate my 50th birthday (May 23 – the day the climate ride rolls into town).  I am asking my friends, family and colleagues to support my “Fit by 50” goal by pledging $50 to the ride and helping me get into the shape I need to be into ride form NYC to DC . 

I chose to support WABA because I have long supported the goals of better biking infrastructure, improved bicycle regulations, and the increase in DC of biking as a mode of transportation. I am WABA, and WABA is me.

Support Dan Barry



Zanna Worzella

Works for: BikeArlington
Gets to work by: Bike
Type of bike: Green Mongoose Hybrid bought off Craigslist
Can be found riding bike wearing: jeans, a skirt, spandex, high heels, boots, sandals, pajamas….
Rides bike when it’s: raining, snowing, 100 degrees and humid, at night, but not earlier than 6am.
Number of bikes currently owned: 1 going on 2
Number of bikes owned in the past: 7, but never at the same time>
Favorite place to ride a bike: London

Why ride from NYC to DC?  Because it shows my dedication to a solution to the climate crisis – decreasing my dependency on oil through shunning my car.

Why ride for WABA?  Because WABA is not only my local advocacy group, but it is the advocacy group representing our nation’s capital.  Their efforts to get more people riding bikes through educating more people about the beauty of biking, persuading the right people to stripe more bike lanes and protect our trails, as well as expanding our bike safety program are all steps in the right direction. With a generous contribution from the climate ride, they can make these steps become leaps and bounds towards our solution to the climate crisis.  Their efforts are ultimately for a better, cleaner and healthier world and I want to support that.

Support Zanna Worzella



Monica Lee

I'm relatively new to long-distance road cycling, having gotten into it last summer, but I've been biking about DC for the past 9 years. I try to split my time between my two babies: a Cervelo RS for the road and a Specialized Langster for everything else, which has become my project bike lately.

I'm participating in Climate Ride this year as a personal challenge; it's a great motivator to get out and ride/train more, get in shape, and live a car-free lifestyle. I've also heard from previous riders that it's just an incredible experience. I'm choosing WABA as a beneficiary because the organization has an extensive education program for adult and youth riders, commuters, motorists, pretty much anyone who goes anywhere near a road. One of my co-workers recently learned how to ride a bike at the age of 30 through one of WABA's Learn to Ride (L2R)programs and was incredibly appreciative of the opportunity.

Support Monica Lee



Jonathan Hine

Bicycle independence came to me at age 5, when a grownup noticed that I had inadvertently "raised my landing gear" on a series of turns and the training wheels were not really doing anything. After growing up with slippery cobblestones, trolley tracks, and marble road markers in a city with drivers from all over the world (Rome, Italy), I have been lucky never to live farther than 25 km from my place of work so I have never commuted by car. The Navy sent the bike and me to Hawaii, New England (in the winter!), the Arabian Desert, the Riviera, the Pacific Rim, Southern Italy, and more. A Bianchi Volpe is my current "urban assault vehicle," accessorized for daily use in all weather and all traffic. A little heavy, perhaps, but with the SAG on Climate Ride, the bicycle will feel much lighter than usual. Less relevant details are that I am a native Virginian, active in the Episcopal Church, widowed, and that I sing baritone with the Oratorio Society of Virginia and play recorder with the Shenandoah Recorder Society.

The Ride represents a nexus of many interests for me: energy use and efficiency, rational transportation, urban planning, distance cycling, cycle touring, etc. I am planning to ride to Canada this summer, so the Climate Ride is also a good workup for that. Finally, and most important, I can’t think of anything more fun than riding between my two favorite cities in the United States on a bicycle!

Regardless of how I get to the DC area (which is often), I use the bicycle exclusively when within 50 km of the Washington Monument. WABA has helped make the DC area one of the best and safest places to ride in this country, and I want to help keep it that way. I wish every city in our country could have a WABA.

Support Jonathan Hine


Kim Hedges

In 2010, at age 32, I started riding a bicycle again after having almost not ridden one at all since I was a kid. Now I commute part-time by bike, go on long weekend/century (metric ;-) ) rides, and did my first multi-day ride ever last October with the California Climate Ride!

I think Climate Ride is a great opportunity to have an extraordinary experience while doing some real good--e.g., through both raising awareness, and raising funds for the beneficiaries--at the same time.

Even though I don't live in D.C., I feel it's important to help improve conditions for bicyclists around the country, especially in metropolitan areas. I live near San Francisco, so I know how challenging urban cycling can be.

Support Kim Hedges



Rodney Lindenmayer

Half a century and still pumping! ( decide if that means I can ride 50 miles, or I just turned that figure on my life-odometer :-) A husband and father of three, I grabbed the chance (3 years job...downtown DC) to again become an avid bicyclist – after a hiatus of 18 years.

As a practicing Buddhist, I have no trouble seeing that we must change ourselves to heal the world. Let's fix climate change in the most humanistic, dynamic way possible! Nam Myoho Renge Kyo.

WABA is an oasis of pedal power. I have WABA to thank for telling me about – and advocating for – the "myriad things bicycle" in DC, including Climate Ride!

Support Rodney Lindenmayer


Kelly Henderson

A northern Virginia native, I swam competitively my entire life and throughout college. After graduating, I was looking for another hobby to pick up and started doing triathlons. Biking quickly became my favorite leg and I have since spent a great deal of time riding around the DC area. I work for an environmental non- profit dedicated to sustainable solutions.

My employer is a beneficiary of the ride and a large group of us are participating. I figured there was no better way to prove that I am all about sustainable solutions and bike advocacy than participating in Climate Ride 2012!

I believe the Washington, D.C. area needs to be more in tune to bicycling and focus on more alternative forms of transportation than driving. Biking is one of the best ways to get exercise while commuting and hopefully with these donations, WABA can become even more known around the area!

Support Kelly Henderson


Antony Maderal

Hello, I have been a daily bike commuter for a little over 8 years, rain or shine, only snow and ice have kept me off of the bike lanes. In that time I have logged over 8,000 commuter miles, on 3 old, but trusty bikes.

During that time I have blown out dozens of tubes, punctured tires, snapped derailleur and brake cables, popped spokes, worn out brake pads, had wheels and seatposts stolen, survived 2 minor crashes, and any number of close calls, and found myself in the best shape of my life, with a minor addiction to fresh air and healthy efficient exercise.

Bike commuting is not easy; on the contrary, it takes an initial leap of faith followed by commitment. It takes learning how to fix a flat tire, realign a chain, and every now and then placing a non-functioning bike on the front of a bus to fix at home. Bike commuting requires the will to ride in the rain, arrive to work slightly sweaty, and maybe not looking your best. It demands planning, and requires decisive action each and every day. IN short it is great. Bike Commuting has changed my life (for the better) I want more people out there to realize that there is an alternative to cars stuck in traffic, buses, and crowded metro cars. I am riding to support WABA and bike commuters everywhere. In the past 9 years, I have seen the biking infrastructure in Northern Virginia and Washington DC evolve dramatically. The idea of protected bike lanes, signage, and general awareness has facilitated hundreds of commuters with their choice of safer biking. WABA is the organization that has driven these advancements.

Support Antony Maderal


Clayton Dean

38. Pisces. I'm riding to escape my 3 children because I'm a horrible person and a horrible father. I figured 5 days on a bike, getting hemorrhoids on my roadie, was a better alternative than facing down those monsters. I have no redeemable qualities and am hoping doing one good thing will allow me another 40 years (or so) of misbehaving. I heard chicks dig it. And I bought all of these tight pants, and well, my office doesn't appreciate me parading around in there.... I couldn't keep the money myself... or we'd be going to Sizzler!

Support Clayton Dean


Reginald Blackmon

I am Sr. Community Services manager at Riderwood Retirement Community. I enjoy all sports. I coach high school basketball at Indian Creek High school in Crownsville MD. The best school in the state. I love to exercise is one reason and to get more people riding bikes to work is the other. My wife is Kristen Blackmon who is a director with Bethesda Transportation Solutions. She is really working hard to get Montgomery county to promote cycling. She really wants to help in anyway she can. So I am doing my part to help her and to help WABA.

Support Reginald Blackmon


Leah Lemoine

Originally from south Louisiana, but I have been riding around DC for three years now. When I am not on my bike I am baking bread, reading, learning a new tune on the mandolin or in a pilates class. I work in watershed protection and restoration at the District Department of the Environment. Rain garden anyone?

To raise awareness and advocacy for both bike advocacy and climate change. I have had strong feelings about both of these things for a long time, but beyond being a bicyclist myself for commuting, have not taken much real action. I want to make a bigger splash in my little circles so that my friends and family know that this is something I really care about. And hopefully it will become a concern to them as well that will prompt even further action.

I ride my bike everywhere I need to go and dream of the day when we will have streets designed for bikers and cyclists and pedestrians. WABA does good work to make sure DC's street are bike friendly. They also remove a lot of barriers for new cyclist to get on the road through workshops, etc. I want to support them in any way I can.

Support Leah Lemoine


Caroline Paulsen

To challenge myself and have fun, while raising awareness to two issues I care passionately about - biking and climate change! I moved to D.C. 3 years ago from Seattle and at first was thrown off by the prospect of biking in such a busy city. WABA works to make biking easier and safer right here in D.C. and even over the course of 3 years I've noticed a difference. I love biking around town and owe a lot of my thanks to WABA!

Support Caroline Paulsen



Ruth Ellis

My husband (David Schwartz) and I are doing the ride together. We're avid cyclists, between working hard and raising a family. We live in Arlington and David commutes downtown on his bike almost every day. I commute to Rockville on the Capital Crescent trail when I can. Climate change threatens the planet's health and our government isn't doing enough about it. We'd like to raise awareness of this issue and push for action. We're also looking forward to a great adventure with some amazing people! As recreational cyclists and bike commuters we have benefited greatly from WABA's work over the years. It's time to give something back!

Support Ruth Ellis


Yavar Moghimi

I'm a psychiatrist who works at Whitman-Walker Health and an avid city biker. Part of my professional interest is novel interventions to improve the health of the mentally ill. I recently did a feasibility study where clients in a community mental health center were given Capital Bikeshare memberships and we measured whether it had impacts on their physical/mental health and mobility. I'm a strong believer in bicycling as a form of active transportation and I've always wanted to do a multi-day ride like this. WABA has been fundamental to the explosion of bikers in the DC area over the past few years. Their advocacy has been fundamental to making bicycling a viable transportation option in the DC area.

Support Yavar Moghimi


Chris Munger

I am 32 years old and live in DC with my beautiful wife Nicole and our dog Rusty. I grew up in the DC area and am currently employed as a pilot in the DC Air National Guard. Why not? Biking and sustainability are two of my passions. I love the combination of a physical and mental challenge with raising money and awareness for a good cause. WABA has done so much for DC cycling! Influencing legislation, organizing events (on and off a bike), providing education, and creating a safer biking environment are some of the things I am most thankful to WABA for.

Support Chris Munger










Rich Glass

I am originally from Juneau, Alaska, which, like DC, is a great biking city. I have lived in DC on and off over the past ten years and enjoy it enough to have just bought a house in the Brookland neighborhood of NE DC. I am participating in Climate Ride because it is an opportunity to combine a multi-day bike ride, build support for a cause I believe in, see part of the country on a bike, and become part of a community. I am supporting WABA because WABA does excellent work making biking around DC an easy, safe, and accessible transportation option. Part of what makes DC an enjoyable city to live in are the biking opportunities and ever-improving biking infrastructure, and WABA plays a big part in making that happen.

Support Rich Glass


David Schwartz

I spend most of my day behind a desk, but have the pleasure of bike commuting which gives me my daily fix of the outdoors - and fortunately I live just off of a wonderful bike trail that takes me almost to the door of the office! Biking is simple beauty - so mechanically efficient and so healthy for the rider, the community and the environment. The 2012 Climate Ride helps make this statement to a wide audience and I get to contribute to all three areas - it's good for me, it's good for the community, and it's good for the environment. Washington, DC has wonderfully supportive bicycle friendly infrastructure that's getting better all the time. WABA plays a big role in that improvement and I'd like to help WABA help all of us!

Support David Schwartz


Steve Fernie

Born in Pittsburgh, I grew up in Montgomery County, and after short stints in Delaware, West Virginia and Tennessee, I moved back to Washington DC in 2001. I've lived in Arlington and been car free for the past 5 years.

I work for Georgetown University Library, where I am the Web Services Coordinator. Not only does it seem like an amazing experience, but it's also an opportunity to raise awareness of (and money for) an incredibly important and pressing issue.

Mitigating our impact on the environment is an endeavor that too few people are acting upon, and by participating I'm able to engage people in an way that wouldn't exist otherwise.
I appreciate the work WABA does in the area to make bicycle commuting a viable option for people, and have enjoyed participating in their events like the annual 50 States ride. Not to mention, if it hadn't of been for WABA, I wouldn't have known about Climate Ride!

Support Steve Fernie


Ted DeLio

Tell us a little about yourself? "Mountain and Road rider. Will ride for beer... (and awareness)

Why are you participating in the 2012 Climate Ride? Great cause, great ride.

Why did you choose to support WABA with your fundraising efforts? WABA combines 2 of my biggest passions... DC and Riding

Support Ted DeLio


Bryce Golden-Chen

I moved to DC about a year and a half ago, returning to the East Coast after five years in California where I studied climate change science & policy and urban & regional sustainability at Stanford University in their Earth Systems Program. I am now working for the Colorado-based University Corporation for Atmospheric Research with their Joint Office for Science Support helping to staff the National Climate Assessment here in Washington. "I haven't owned a car in 8 years, and biking has been one of my main modes of transportation. I've also taken up cycling as a hobby in addition to commuting since I've been in DC.

Climate Ride is a great intersection of my professional and personal interests and unique way to give back to a set of organizations of my choosing for the work they are doing to help promote human-environment sustainability. Not only is Climate Ride an exciting personal challenge, it's also a great opportunity to learn from other riders, the expert speakers, and non-profits in the cycling-enviro community brought together for by this organization. I've also heard rave reviews from past participants!

I decided to join WABA when I began commuting by bicycle and utilizing many of the DC bike lines they worked to help create. WABA generally seems like very pro-active and thoughtful in their DC-area bike advocacy in reading about their other efforts in their monthly newsletter. I also enjoyed last year's BikeDC and DC 50 States Ride, and I want to support local efforts through my Climate Ride fundraising.

Support Bryce Golden-Chen


Joanna Miles

I'm a passionate environmentalist and a beginning (but enthusiastic) cyclist. I believe that climate change is the most serious threat facing our planet today, and as a society, we're not doing nearly enough about it. I've recently started biking to work, and I love taking longer, more scenic rides on the weekends.

The Climate Ride is a BIG personal challenge for me, but it combines so many things I care about, that it's a perfect opportunity. The 2012 Climate Ride will be my first long ride, my first multi-day ride, and my first real fundraising event. It's my excuse to get in shape and start biking more. And it's letting me support some amazing organizations (like WABA) in a way that I could never do otherwise.

I'm supporting WABA because they're doing great things for biking in DC. Having grown up in a suburb, I found biking in DC traffic hugely intimidating when I moved here. WABA has been instrumental in helping me bike more, from advocating for safer bike routes, to their classes on safe city biking, and more. I'm glad they're continuing to make DC cycling more accessible to people like me.

Support Joanna Miles


Steve Saari

I work at the District Department of the Environment in the Watershed Protection Division and I oversee projects to help improve the health of our local waterways. I try to practice what I preach but I could always do more. I bike to work, I capture and infiltrate storm water in my yard through landscaping, and I just installed solar panels this winter. Because it sounded fun and because I thought I'd learn a lot. Many of the problems facing our streams and waterway are closely tied with the sources of climate change but I really don't know as much as I would like about this issue. I've been a long time supporter of WABA along with my wife. I believe that providing alternatives to car travel is one of the most important and most difficult parts of reducing our collective carbon footprint.

Support Steve Saari


Cathy Plume

I live in DC and rely on my bike as my primary means of transportation. I actually own three bikes: "Mildred" my daily commuter bike who's traveled with me to four continents; "Bruno" a veteran of four AIDS rides who will be joining me on the Climate Ride; and "Dano" the foldable and newest member of the pack. I work for an international conservation non profit organization, and cycling is an important part of walking the talk!

I'm an avid cyclist and an avid environmentalist, so Climate Ride merges two of my life passions. In my day job, I work with governments and local communities in SE Asia and the Pacific that are grappling with the impacts of climate change...while many people in the US - including government officials - deny that humans are the cause of our changing climate. I'm looking to Climate Ride as a way to raise awareness about climate change and to show that even small individual actions can make a difference.

I've commuted to work by bicycle since moving to DC some 13 years ago. During that time, I've seen how much the cycling infrastructure has improved across the DC Area. I'm very grateful to WABA for their cycling advocacy, and I want it to continue!

Support Cathy Plume


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