November 1st: Let’s Do the Time Warp Again!

With the Daylight Savings turning the clock back an hour this weekend, your trip home from work, or school will be a lot darker than normal on Monday. WABA has collected a few tips and tricks you can use to maximize visibility when out on the road!

Front White Light For Your Handlebars: These bicycle lights let oncoming road users aware of your presence and are required by law in DC, MD. and VA. Putting the lights in blinking/pulsating mode saves battery, and makes your bicycle distinguishable from other road users. 


Front White Light For Your Helmet: This light shines where you are looking, which can be very helpful in areas without much street lighting and helps you spot potholes or debris in your way.
helmet light

Rear Red Light For Your Helmet: Many helmets have have vents or straps where a bicycle light can easily hook on to and is an easy way to increase your visibility.


Rear Red Light For Your Bicycle: Although not required by law to have a rear light (rear reflector is the minimum), having a red blinking, or pulsating light will increase your visibility. Hand signals are also a great way to communicate with other road users what your intentions are!


Reflective Clothing: For even more visibility, reflective clothing provides multiple options from jackets, pants, scarves, shoes with reflective strips attached to them that brightly light up when hit with lights from vehicles, or other light sources. Backpacks, ankle straps, and helmet stickers are also other useful accessories that can be incredibly reflective.



If you would like to learn more about bicycling, visit our Education Calendar for a list of upcoming classes.

Happy riding!


Wow it’s so much more fun to ride my bicycle after that!

‘Wow it’s so much more fun to ride my bicycle after that!’ is essentially the essence of WABA’s City Cycling classes!

Our City Cycling classes offer a relaxed, focused, and welcoming opportunity for beginner and experienced riders alike! After class we often hear students remarking how much better they feel riding their bike – how city streets, bike lanes, and trails aren’t such a big deal anymore and most of all, riding their bicycle is more fun than ever! And smiles, look at these smiles!

Each City Cycling class offers two tracks that students can self-select into when they arrive to class. The basics track focuses on techniques to make your ride go as smoothly as possible. The advance track focuses on techniques to avoid uncommon, but occasional, sticky situations.

At class you will have the opportunity to:

  • Feel more confident on a bicycle
  • Realize your bicycle dreams
  • Practice moves in a controlled space
  • Gain feedback from certified instructors (and give us feedback too!)
  • Make friends, go for a ride, and leave feeling like “Yeah, I can bike there now!”

“I entered this class thinking I would only learn a few things, but I ended up realizing that I had TONS of questions I wanted to ask them (and that they were happy to answer). I came away from the class feeling super knowledgeable and confident and eager to get riding!” – Feedback from a City Cycling Alumni

Come join us for one of our upcoming City Cycling classes!

Visit our website for more classes including our Adult Learn to Ride Classes!

Bike Camp 2015: A Hubcap Recap

What do you get when you mix 14 enthusiastic campers, a whole city to explore by bike, bicycles to repair, and two sunny weeks of summer?

bike camp logo over transparent


In July, WABA held its first Bike Camp this year for children age 8-12. During the inaugural two-week session campers explored D.C. by bike, repaired and re-built bikes, and made new friends they can go on bike rides with!

We visited museums and iconic Washington D.C. sights. We saw the different types of bicycle infrastructure around the city and learned how to hand-signal, bike as a group, and master skills like looking over our shoulder. We biked down to the Metropolitan Branch Trail and helped the Trail Rangers do trail work. In two weeks we biked over 50 miles!

We partnered with Gearin’ Up Bicycles to provide mechanics education for our campers. Each camper received a bike in non-working condition. Gearin’ Up’s Zack led the campers in sessions covering everything from changing a flat tire, to re-cabling brakes and derailleurs, to adjusting limit screws (and A LOT more)! They embraced the chain grease and became wrench experts. By the end of camp everyone finished their bikes and took a successful test ride!

We thoroughly enjoyed our first year of Bike Camp and are already looking forward to many more summers of WABA Bike Camp in the future!

We would like to extend a big thank you to all of our community partners we visited during Bike Camp and a special shout-out/thank you/you rock to all of our Bike Camp volunteers!

If you would to be put on the interest list for information on future sessions of WABA Bike Camp e-mail

How do bikes, field trips, and ice cream sound?



We’re looking for a few super stellar, dynamic, fun-loving volunteers to assist with our action-packed, ice cream studded, adventure seeking BIKE CAMP!

Bike Camp runs from July 13 – 24 on weekdays. We ask that folks who are interested in volunteering commit to riding with us for at least two days, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. each day.

We’d especially love for folks who have youth development, teaching, or outdoor education experience to join us.

Still interested?

Sign up to come to Bike Camp Volunteer Orientation on Tuesday, July 7, from 6 – 8 p.m.!

If you have any questions, please email us at

DC’s newest and safest bicyclists are at Benning Park

In the fall, we started the Benning Park Bike Club — an innovative afterschool program for youth at Benning Park Recreation Center.

This spring, we were happy to bring Bike Club back to Benning Park. Over six weeks, we rode with a group of engaged youth, taught safe bicycling practices and bike fixing strategies, and explored the neighborhood on our own two wheels. We rode over 10 miles, and our adventures culminated with a scavenger hunt and an ice cream party.

Below, meet some of DC’s newest and safest bicyclists.









Special thanks to Jessie Webb, whose facilitation made this program possible, and to the DC Department of Parks and Recreation.

Want a bike club at your school, recreation center or youth-serving organization? We’d love to be in touch — email us at

Haulin’ Our Way to Crystal City on WABA’s First Arlington Community Ride

Our spring Community Ride series is in full swing, and last Wednesday we made our debut in Arlington with Haulin’—a community ride about moving and grooving with everything you need to carry on a bike.

We explored the Pentagon City and Crystal City neighborhoods, saw a wide variety of bike facilities including the Four Mile Run trail and the new protected bikeways on South Hayes Street.

At the end of the ride, we learned about the Fixit Station—a great new innovation put in place by the Crystal City BID. At the access point to the Mount Vernon Trail on Crystal Drive, you can pump up your tires, use tools for minor adjustments, fill your water bottle, and even buy spare parts from a bike vending machine!

After the ride was over, the whole group headed to the San Antonio Grill for delicious tacos.

Education Coordinator Daniel Hoagland introduces the group to bike sharing.

Education Coordinator Daniel Hoagland introduces the group to bike sharing.

Thank you to Bike Arlington, the Crystal City BID, and the San Antonio Grill for helping make our Haulin’ Ride a big success!

Join us for more Community Rides in May and June!

Thanks for riding with us, Bethesda and Arlington!

Wow. Such excellent classes in Bethesda and Arlington this weekend. Here’s what they looked like:

Saturday’s City Cycling class in Bethesda



City Cycling comes to Friendship Heights on May 3!

Claim your spot.









Sunday’s Learn to Ride class in Arlington




We still have space in our unsubsidized Learn to Ride class this Saturday, May 2, in DC.

Join us!






Big thanks to everyone who came out on Saturday and Sunday. We are especially grateful to Bethesda Transportation Solutions and Bike Arlington for making these classes possible.

There’s lots of other exciting stuff happening this season. Check our adult education calendar for more class offerings and community rides coming up soon.