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NPS Seeking Public Comment on Capital Bikeshare Stations on the National Mall

From the National Park Service:

National Mall and Memorial Parks (NAMA)/National Park Service (NPS) proposes to participate in the Capital Bikeshare program by permitting five bikeshare
stations on NAMA/NPS managed property. The Capital Bikeshare program is a regional alternative transportation amenity for visitors and residents and has quickly become a viable form of public transportation. Participating in this bikeshare system would fulfill the goal of enhancing bicycle use at the park, as envisioned in NAMA’s 2008 National Mall Visitor Transportation Study and the 2010 National Mall Plan. Increasing bicycle use reduces traffic congestion, fossil fuel use and air emissions, and provides an additional and affordable form of access to destinations throughout the park.
Proposed locations for the five Capital Bikeshare stations are as follows:

(1) Smithsonian Metro Station entrance area on the National Mall
Location: West of the existing information kiosk on Jefferson Drive, in the gravel area, adjacent to paved sidewalk.

(2) Lincoln Memorial area
Location: On Lincoln Memorial Circle between 23rd and Daniel French Drive at the former interpretive transportation kiosk

(3) Jefferson Memorial area
Location: South of East Basin Drive from the bus pull-off between the curb and existing sidewalk, west of crosswalk

(4) Washington Monument area
Location: Jefferson Drive between 14th and 15th streets at the bus pull-off along the sidewalk east of the kiosk.

(5) FDR/MLK Memorial area
Location: Ohio Drive at West Basin Drive, at the bus pull-off, on the sidewalk west of existing kiosk.

These locations have been selected based on their proximity to visitor destinations, access to compatible modes of transportation such as Metro and bike
paths, and connectivity to other Capital Bikeshare stations. They are located in the vicinity of “Visitor Transportation Stops” as shown on the Circulation Map for the Preferred Alternative in the National Mall Plan.

The National Park Service (NPS) is seeking the public’s input concerning the Capital Bikeshare stations. Please visit:
http://parkplanning.nps.gov/Capitalbikeshare for materials and information on how to comment. NPS will receive public
comments through December 28, 2011.

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Kim Toufectis
Kim Toufectis

Any reason why the eastern end of the mall is excluded from this list? Is there any reason a cyclist might not also be interested in the National Gallery or Air and Space or the Botanical Garden?

Deirdre Steinfort-Rivas
Deirdre Steinfort-Rivas

Hello- As a licensed DC guide who has often thought Bike Share would be a great tool for leading family/private tours, I LOVE all 5 of these proposed stations. One thing I would caution: tourists seem to think it is OK to ride through some of the various Memorials. FDR, Kora, and WW II I have noticed this at as being the biggest safety issues. I would strongly suggest that there be large signs reminding guests to park the bikes and then WALK through the Memorials, or at the very least walk the bikes through, NOT ride. Otherwise I am ALL for this proposal.

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