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Continuing the Conversation with NPS

On Monday, WABA advocates spent the morning touring (read: cold-weather bicycle ride) the many bicycle connections between Virginia and DC through National Park Service lands. The goal of the outing was to continue, and hopefully energize, the conversation about  improving access for bicyclists through the various parks. With the National Mall bringing Capital Bikeshare to the park in 2012, there is a greater need for the long-awaited upgrades to the connections between DC and Virginia.

The ride included representatives from the National Park Service’s George Washington Memorial Parkway (GWMP), National Mall, and the National Capital Regional Offices.

While there are a multitude of details to be addressed, we are focusing attention on improving major safety and connectivity  issues that cyclists in the Washington region face daily.

WABA would like to express our thanks to Representative Connolly’s (D-VA) office for its leadership in organizing this meeting with NPS. We would also like to thank the staff of Representatives Moran (D-VA) and Blumenauer (D-OR) for joining us early on a cold Monday bike ride.

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Shawn G
Shawn G

What did they think of the GWP crossings near Memorial Bridge?

Robert Cannon
Robert Cannon

Thanks for the effort! Those of us in the SW Quadrant have a dangerously precarious time both accessing the 14th St bridge path or traversing to the Capital Crescent Trail. To get there from here, we have to survive the intersection of Ohio Dr. and Maine Ave SW. There is no way to trip the signal as a pedestrian. The cars dont stop for the red light moving from Maine Ave onto the 14th St bridge. There is no light at all, and no stopping the flow of traffic, on one ramp of Maine Ave to Ohio Dr South Bound to the Jefferson. It is a gauntlet. Cyclists need a safe crossing of Maine Ave to Ohio Dr to the 14th St bridge. With the renovation of Maine Ave by DDOT, the new pedestrian walk way, and the revitalization of the waterfront, we need cyclist access to the national park area of the Jefferson, a major thoroughfare, to be a consideration. Robert Cannon FCC Bike Coordinator

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