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Envisioning the L St Cycletrack

Proposed L St NW Cycletracks looking east from the intersction of L St NW & 21 St NW

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This is better than what we have now- which is nothing- but the transportation planners really need to take a trip to Holland ,China, or Germany and see how REAL cycling infrastructure is accomplished- and they need to get away from the suburban athletic male dominated racing mode that puts cyclists into dangerous and direct contact with cars and trucks- we will NEVER get a critical mass of cyclists if these people continue to insist upon John Forester's bullshit and the "share the road" nonsense that is never going to get women, families, business people or kids to safely bike. We need to bump out the sidewalks and put all bikeways on grade separated strips apart from where the cars go and safely away from pedestrians- and DC has plenty enough wide sidewalks for this. Bile lanes are an invitation to "door" cyclists- they are 1970's era thinking and do nothing to encourage cycling in the numbers that we should be getting.. The Penn Avenue bike lanes are a retarded idea dreamed up by racer enthusiasts and not by practical everyday cyclists- they should have been put on the super wide Pa Ave sidewalks as they are in every major cycling city in the world where they have large numbers of cyclists. Vehicular cycling is a lost cause and people - especially in the WABA- need to get away from this crap. We can do a lot better than this. It is not enough.

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