“Black Women Bike” Happy Hour Tonight

Black Women Bike Happy Hour

Friday, June 17 · 5:00pm – 7:00pm

The Liaison Capitol Hill And Art & Soul Restaurant

415 New Jersey Ave NW


Because in some circles the false perception persists that only young white hipsters appreciate the District’s multimodal transportation options and the joys of cycling, a few women pedalers of color in the city are getting together tonight for a little reality check, gear & girl talk, to discuss crucial safety issues and style concerns (ie: how to deal with helmet hair for those with ‘fros, dreads and those who spend jawdropping sums at the beautyshop) and have a few drinks without jeopardizing the ride home.

I’m sure my mom would join the group, but the commute from California over the Rockies would be a bit much for her at 74 (and I’m afraid she would actually consider it — for a minute).

(Martin Moulton is the Vice President of WABA’s Board of Directors)

Sasha Smith
Sasha Smith

Good Morning, I'm part of a women's group 'Drama Free Divas' and we were looking to pair up with another uplifting women's group to promote sisterhood as well as provide fun activities for the summer. A lot of our members are new to biking and we thought it would be a great idea to try out capital bike share with another group of women, and that's when we came across your article in the Washington Post. If you could contact me at your earliest convenience that would be great!!

Sabah Bilal
Sabah Bilal

Julie, I can't believe your comment. It simply means you don't have a clue. If you are not Black and want to attend then simply show up. I'm sure you would be welcomed. SEB

Julie Starling
Julie Starling

Really? I'd be tempted to show up tonight if I could and deal with the amazement and say, "What? I'm colorblind. Aren't I black?" Wouldn't these same women be drawn to a Women's Bike Happy Hour? Do we really need to divide along race when there are so few of us as it is? This event basically says that bikers of a certain racial profile are only comfortable with people of the same race, and that is absolutely ridiculous! Bikers overall are friendly people. Please promote integrated diversity and not this division of groups!


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