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Our classes and community rides teach biking for transportation, fun, and fitness. We offer sessions for adults of all skill levels throughout the Washington area.

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This class is for adults who have never ridden a bike before and want to start now.

Our technique is intuitive and has a very high success rate. Our instructors take students through a progressive curriculum, with the goal of riding with two pedals by the end of the session. A bike and helmet are included with your registration.

 Class Details

Our technique is fun, intuitive, and very successful! But it takes hard work, too. You will be riding for nearly three hours. We take breaks every hour.

Please wear comfortable clothes, and bring the following: water, a snack, and weather-appropriate outerwear.

This class is for you if:

  • You are at least 18 years old.
  • You have never tried to learn how to ride a bike, or:
  • You have tried to learn and have not been successful.

A rental bike and helmet for the day are included with your reservation. Be sure to provide your height in feet and inches so that we can provide you with a bicycle that fits you.

Only students who have reserved space in the class will be able to attend. Walk-up students cannot be accommodated.

Most classes are $85 except for those at RFK Stadium, which are $90 and include a ticket to the evening’s DC United soccer game. There are a limited number of scholarships available for each class. Scholarships can be requested through the classes sign-up page.

Please note that the demand for this class is very high, and we have more than 1,400 people seeking space in our classes. This means that:

  • If you would like to support a family member or friend, we welcome you to attend, but please do not register for a class.
  • If you cannot make it to a class, let us know as soon as you can so we can offer the space to a student on the waitlist.
  • If you do not notify us and do not show up to class, we will not let you sign up for another class this season.


There aren’t any more Learn to Ride classes scheduled for 2016. Learn to Ride classes will resume again next spring, around late March. Please check back in February – 2017, for the schedule.

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City Cycling is an essential class for all skill levels — if you’re a seasoned city rider, we’ve got new tips and tricks for you. If you’re new to biking, we’ll help you master the fundamentals.

This 3-hour class helps adults ride more comfortably and confidently! No matter your skill level, you’ll improve your abilities on two wheels.

Class Details

At every City Cycling class, you can choose either:

Fundamentals of City Cycling – Learn rock-solid control of the bike in everyday situations. You will use these skills every time you ride, guaranteed. This group goes for a ride on a nearby trail and learns about dealing with traffic, clear communication, proper use of trails, and the trail-to-road transition.

Confident City Cycling – Learn advanced bike handling maneuvers. These techniques can get you out of some dangerous situations. This group goes for a ride on the roads and learns about bike infrastructure, lane control, communicating with drivers, and effective road behavior.

Don’t stress about the choice, you’ll be able to change if you want to.

This class is for you if:

      • You are at least 16 years old (students under 18 should be accompanied by an adult).
      • You know how to ride a bike without assistance.
      • You are a capable rider who wants to gain more confidence and ride on city streets safely and comfortably.

Students must provide their own bike and bike helmet. Helmet use is mandatory.

We recommend bringing along water, a snack, and weather-appropriate clothing. 

Clipless pedals and toe clips are not recommended for this class.

If you use Capital Bikeshare the cost of your rental during class time can be reimbursed.

This class will be rescheduled in case of inclement weather. Please enter a cell phone number when you register to ensure that you receive any messages about rescheduling.

Online study is RECOMMENDED for this class!

Please check out the Smart Cycling Tips and the Rules of the Road on the League of American Bicyclists’ website. And take the time to watch the Smart Cycling Videos to get an idea for what we’ll be covering in the class.


There aren’t any more classes scheduled for 2016. City Cycling classes will resume again next spring, around late March. Please check back in February – 2017, for the schedule.

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    Our community ride series is an inclusive space for riders of all levels to explore the city.

    We ride together on weekday nights, and each time we tackle different topics that urban riders use to get around the region.
    Our rides are always a good time, but they’re also a safe space to ask questions and practice riding in the city. Come to tour the region, come to ride, come to ask any of your deepest, darkest, secret-est bike questions.

    Ride Details

    Community Ride Policies

    WABA’s community rides are limited to 30 riders.

    You must provide your own bike and helmet. Seriously — helmets are mandatory for participation, because of the way our insurance policy works.

    Our rides are unsupported, meaning that maintenance and transportation will not be provided.

    These rides have a no-drop policy, meaning that we won’t leave anyone behind. Our events are designed to be inclusive, and as such we welcome people from every walk (or roll?) of the bike life to join.

    All riders must sign a liability waiver and photo release on-site prior to joining the ride. Riders are free to depart at any time after notifying a WABA staff member or instructor.





    Everyday Biking Seminars

    Everyday Biking seminars are for organizations interested in encouraging their members and staff to ride. Find out more and learn how to request a seminar for your workplace, or email questions to outreach@waba.org.


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