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All over the country, businesses are celebrating the importance of bicycling in creating healthy, happy, more connected communities. Bicycling promotes physical, mental, and environmental health, supports independent businesses, reduces traffic and pollution, and provides a recreational outlet for one in three Americans. WABA Business Members are a network of local businesses who believe in WABA’s vision of making bicycling safer, easier, and more accessible for everyone in the DC region.

Join WABA as a Business Member and invest in the long term health of the region, while connecting to customers, employees, and the WABA audience.

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WABA Business Membership Benefits

Community Champion, starting at $1,000

WABA Community Champions are local, national, and multi-national companies with a strong regional presence. Joining WABA connects Community Champions with their employees, their customers, and the WABA audience, while investing in our change in the region. We work with you to tailor your experience to your brand and goals.

  • Employee engagement
  • Digital Promotion
  • Physical Promotion
  • Thought Leadership
  • Event sponsorship
  • A La Carte Opportunities: As a Community Champion, you have the opportunity to add more engagement with WABA, your employees, or your customers into your membership package! We work with each Community Champion to tailor your experience to your brand and goals.

Local Leader, $500

WABA Local Leader Business Members are local business owners who believe in a more connected region. Local leaders achieve their strategic marketing goals by connecting with the WABA audience. We work with each you to tailor your experience to your brand and goals.

  • Digital Promotion
  • Physical Promotion
  • Thought Leadership
  • Event sponsorship

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Other Opportunities as a Business Member:

Discount Partner

As a business member, you can offer discounts to our nearly 6,000 WABA members. Consider becoming a WABA discount partner and offering savings to WABA members.

For more information, email our Business Partnership Coordinator, Laura Miller.

Event Sponsor

As a WABA Business Member, you are have the opportunity to sponsor our events and educational efforts, and engage with the WABA audience face to face.

WABA’s events are more than just bike rides. Our signature rides are engaging community events where nearly a thousand riders embark on full day adventures throughout the region.

For more information, contact WABA’s  Business Partnership Coordinator, Laura Miller at or 202-518-0524 ext. 211