Outreach Programs

WABA's outreach programs aim to educate and enlighten D.C.-area residents about the benefits of better bicycling. Our initiatives reach both suburban riders and city dwellers in neighborhoods around the region. The D.C. Bike Ambassador, Women & Bicycles, and East of the River programs are fully funded programs that encourage experienced and hesitant cyclists alike to ride safely and frequently.

D.C. Bike Ambassador

The D.C. Bike Ambassador program, run in conjunction with the District Department of Transportation, provides a full-time staffer and a number of volunteers to teach cyclists, drivers, and pedestrians about riding a bike in D.C. Bike ambassadors are most visible while riding around the city on trailers displaying bike-safety messages or talking to those on the street about why riding a bike is a good idea. Ambassadors also run commuter seminars for offices interested in helping their employees ride their bikes to work, and are available to attend events.

Learn more about the D.C. Bike Ambassador program.

Women & Bicycles

WABA's newest outreach initiative is dedicated to closing the gender gap in cycling by providing safe, inviting spaces for women to discuss their experiences riding bikes. The Women & Bikes program, which will officially launch in March 2013, will utilize intimate social events, skill-share classes, and group rides to help D.C.-area women who are averse to cycling get on their bikes. Ten WABA-identified "Roll Models" will work their personal networks to loop in women who might not otherwise consider cycling a way of transportation. The Women & Bicycles program will run through October 2013 and culminate with a celebration of the progress of the women involved.

Learn more about the Women & Bicycles program.

East of the River

The East of the River outreach program is back for a third season in 2013. The program sets up group rides, mobile workshops, and classes for residents in wards 7 and 8 who already incorporate bikes into their lifestyle or are curious as to what cycling can do for them. The program concludes with a town-hall discussion about cycling east of the river. The program's coordinator is responsible for visibility and outreach in neighborhoods in wards 7 and 8 and is a resource for residents seeking more information about WABA and cycling in general.

Learn more about the East of the River program.


Do you have more questions about WABA's outreach programs? Contact WABA's Outreach Coordinator at (202) 518-0524 x202 or email outreach@waba.org.




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