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Over the last few years, WABA has been fortunate to partner with some of the best and most forward-thinking organizations who believe in supporting community-supported advocacy that translates into community-level improvements. Their donations go to events or programming or advocacy, but ultimately help us carrying our mission: creating convenient, safe and expanded bicycling infrastructure throughout the Washington DC area. We can’t thank them enough.

If you are interested in sponsoring WABA’s  work, contact Executive Director Greg Billing or (202) 518-0524 x205. 


REI joined with WABA in 2014 to advance an idea that had been percolating for years: a Regional Trail Summit and ongoing trail advocacy campaign. WABA and REI produced The Regional Trail Summit to bring together responsible agencies, relevant elected officials, and the general public to rebuild a vision for our trail network and reinvigorate efforts to build it. In 2015, in front of a similar room full of people, WABA proposed the creation of a regional trail coalition. Two months later REI backed the idea and committed to providing initial funding to launch the coalition.

Without generous support from REI, we would not have been able to plan a comprehensive trail advocacy campaign, a summit, symposium, and now a blossoming trail coalition with the hawk-like focus on building a complete trail network. Our regional dream of a “Bicycle Beltway” is one step closer thanks to REI.


When New Belgium Brewing wanted to launch the first Tour de Fat in the Northeast in 2012, they came to WABA first. Together we pull in over 200 volunteers, four local non-profits (Black Women Bike DC, Fairfax Advocates for better Biking, Mid-atlantic Off-road Enthusiasts, and Phoenix Bikes) and countless hours of planning to make D.C.’s biggest, whimsy-filled, most fabulous festival celebrating bikes and beer. Our partnership with New Belgium and Tour de Fat has contributed over a hundred thousand dollars to the local bike advocacy scene, and memorable experiences to rejoice in the progress of biking.


EYA became WABA’s biggest signature ride event supporter in Fall 2016. As the Title Sponsor of our fall community ride event, The Cider Ride presented by EYA, for 2016, 2017, and 2018, EYA is making it possible for WABA to hold ride events that not only bring people together to celebrate bicycling, but also raise support for our on-going advocacy efforts to make bicycling better. EYA is a regional developer with a focus on bicycle and pedestrian friendly urban homes and communities.

Since 1992, EYA has earned recognition for introducing innovative and thoughtfully designed new homes in DC metro area neighborhoods that offer life within walking distance. Learn more at EYA.com.


We’re big fans of KIND, both because we believe in their work, and because they make our jobs easier and more delicious as our in-kind snack sponsor. We started working with KIND when they wanted to treat our Vasa riders with blueberry KIND bars to complement their blueberry soup. Since then, we’ve co-created the Bike KINDly campaign, where our ambassadors and staff hand out KIND Healthy Snacks along bike lanes, at major intersections, and at events. Each bar is labeled with an important bike tip, like riding with bike lights, yielding to pedestrians, and stopping at lights. We’re teaming up with KIND in 2016 so that we can provide you with healthy snacks and biking kindness at all our major events, all our classes, and through our Bike KINDly outreach! #LiveKIND & #BikeKINDly!

Primal LogoWe’re pleased to present our flashy new merchandise thanks to our friends and official Merch Sponsors Primal Wear. The colors are bold, the design stands out, and the quality endures. Based out in Denver, Colorado, Primal supports biking at all levels, from multi-day road races to advances in local bike infrastructure. Thanks to Primal’s support we’re able to offer WABA members 20% off jerseys, socks, and t-shirts and use the funds to support our work. Email membership@waba.org to get your discount code for our online store.



Boeing has been a strong supporter of WABA’s since 2011, when we hosted the first Bikefest in Crystal City. Every year since then, Boeing has donated to be our primary sponsor of Bikefest. Boeing is a leader in community and non-profit support and also sponsors the Air Force Association Cycling Classic every year.

CH2MHILL-logo-version 2


The engineering team at CH2M has been a dedicated supporter of WABA since donating to help fund Bikefest in 2012. They continue to be a Gold level Bikefest sponsor, but they’ve reached beyond events and into our programming. When we told them about our Capital City Bike Expo in Anacostia, the employees of CH2M Hill readily agreed to fund the purchase of a Dero Fixit station. The Fixit station is the first to be installed outside of a building that’s not a bike shop. It lives outside the Anacostia Arts Center and is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week for cyclists to use to repair their bikes.


As WABA reflects on our success in the last decade, we owe a hearty thank you to our partners at Signal Financial Federal Credit Union. To show their support for our mission and bicyclists throughout the region, Signal Financial FCU offers free credit union membership for all WABA members and they promote biking in and around all their branches. Signal Financial FCU sponsored our first jersey, and they hold outreach events and promote bike confidence-boosting tips and tricks among their members. We’re grateful for backing from the region’s bike-friendly credit union!




Every four years the Catalogue for Philanthropy reviews financial reports, programming, board composition and other metrics to determine the “best of the best” in DC small non-profits. For the third time in a row (2006, 2010, 2014) WABA has made it through the rigorous CFP process and into the latest edition of the Catalogue. The Catalogue enables WABA reach an entirely new audience, those philanthropists who might not already know the good work that WABA is doing every day and are looking to support a small, local non-profit doing good work.