Meet Jon Gonzalez, Our New DC Bike Ambassador Program Coordinator!

15th Street Cycletrack

15th Street Cycletrack (photo: @SharrowsDC)

Hello! I’m Jon. As WABA’s newest team member I am excited to jump in head first and build upon the success of the Bike Ambassador Program this summer!

This morning, Bike Ambassador Dani and I were out on the 15th Street cycle track encouraging bicyclists to bike nicely and yield to pedestrians. It was a big hit! Many pedestrians came up and suggested we stop by 14th street next time to do the same, so stay tuned, you never know where we might end up!

We’ve got a few things on the calendar for July, starting with a “Bike to the Movies” event on July 9th in NoMa. We’ll be handing out bike lights to bicyclists without lights after The Muppets movie finishes. It’ll also be our first “Bike KINDly” event for July—we will hand out KIND bars with pro-bicycling tips, so come on out and join the fun!

If you’re interested in becoming an ambassador, or know someone who might be, sign up for the Bike Ambassador Orientation on July 15th at the WABA HQ. We’d love to have you participate and could totally use your help.


Welcome to the April Trailer Challenge!


Perhaps it won’t snow in April.

The D.C. bike ambassadors kicked off the April Trailer Challenge yesterday. Expect a month of amped-up visibility from our bike ambassadors and the friendly, roving trailers to spread the love of bicycling.

Want to be involved? There’s a few ways:

Pull the Bike Ambassador Trailer: You can sign up to pull the trailer on your own or to an event, or ride alongside the team as support crew. Sign up here to let us know you want to pull the trailer. Check out our trailering calendar and e-mail to set up a time.

Snap a picture: Spot the trailer? Take a photo, and post it on social media! Tag us @wabadc using #bikeambassador (on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook) and you’ll be entered to win a free bike tune-up.

Read more about the ATC here! Happy April. We hope to see you on the streets.



Get Involved: Bike Ambassador April Trailer Challenge


April is almost here, and we are excited to introduce a month-long bike ambassador project: the April Trailer Challenge.

You’ve probably seen the BA trailers around town, and wondered what they’re all about. This month, our goal is to spread the message of bicycling to everyone in the community in a positive, tangible way! The best part is that you can participate.

What is the April Trailer Challenge? The ATC is an opportunity to get messages of bike education, outreach, and advocacy out to a broader audience in a fun way! Our goal as bike ambassadors is to get the trailers around as much of the city as possible during the month of April, and we’re going to need YOUR help! We’re aiming for 500 trailer team miles in just 30 days.

Why the Bike Ambassador trailer? Pulling the BA trailer is a great way to reach drivers and other bicyclists and communicate with a different audience that we might miss through other forms of outreach. Our BA trailers have a series of interchangeable signs with various bike-friendly messages that aim to get people thinking about bicycling, acting as “roll” models, or driving safely around bicyclists. Engaging a broad audience with cheerful reminders is a huge part of the BA program, and we want to give everyone a chance to get involved.

And, throughout the month of April, we’ll want to remind as many people as possible to register for Bike to Work Day. We want to hit 17,000 registrants—a massive increase from last year’s 12,000—and we hope that the ATC challenge will provide a great lead-up to May 16.

How can I participate? Keep reading!

Attend the Kickoff Event: It’s on Mon., March 31st, 2014 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the WABA office. Sign up here! This kickoff doubles as a training session. We’ll be acquainting ourselves with the nitty-gritty details of the how to participate, the rules, incentives, and gear up to take the trailers for a spin. Even if you’re not sure you want to pull the trailers yourself, we still encourage you to attend the kickoff event! It will be a great way to meet the bike ambassadors, go for a fun ride, and get volunteer credit for riding with the trailer parade. (Volunteer with WABA three times, and you earn a free membership.)

Pull the Bike Ambassador Trailer: You can sign up to pull the trailer on your own or to an event, or ride alongside the team as support crew. Sign up here to let us know you want to pull the trailer. Check out our trailering calendar and e-mail to set up a time.

Snap a picture: Spot the trailer? Take a photo, and post it on social media! Tag us @wabadc using #bikeambassador (on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook) and you’ll be entered to win a free bike tune-up.

For more information, contact the D.C. Bike Ambassador Program Coordinator, Megan McCarty at See you in the bike lanes in April!

WABA Bike Ambassadors Share the Love for Valentine’s Day 2014

After last year’s hugely successful Valentine’s Day outreach at 15th and R streets NW, the bike ambassadors took it up a notch for 2014: Two outreach locations were selected, 500 valentines were hand-crafted by our volunteer team, treats were purchased, and plans were made. Our goal was to share the love of bicycling.

2014 02 14 Valentine's Day

Just before our bike ambassador teams were to deploy, the weather challenged us by dumping several inches of snow! But despite snow-covered bike lanes and freezing temperatures, the ambassadors pressed on.

2014 02 14 Valentine's Day

The first ambassador crew set up camp at the corner of East Capitol and 4th streets NE and waited for the morning rush.


We typically see 150-plus bicyclists during morning commute outreach at this location, but due to the slush we only saw 3 cyclists in the 90 minutes we spent outside. Armed with an abundance of Valentine notes, we ventured out looking for recently-ridden bicycles (ones not covered in snow) all over the city on which to hang the leftovers.

2014 02 14 Valentine's Day


Some of our favorite Valentine messages included “We WHEELIE like you,” “Are you spoken for?” “Hope your commute is as sweet as you are,” “You’re just our speed,” and “We like the way you roll.”

2014 02 14 Valentine's Day

By the time the afternoon team set up at the corner of 15th and L streets NW, the cycletrack had been plowed and the sun had warmed things up. People were surprised to see us out there, but thrilled to have positive interactions to kick off the weekend!


Save Your Third Thursday Morning for the BA Coffee Club

This morning, the D.C. bike ambassadors met at Chinatown Coffee Company to welcome those biking to work in the area or anyone generally interested in the bike ambassador program. This was the first-ever BA Coffee Club!

The BA Coffee Club will change locations, but will always be on the third Thursday of the month. Stay tuned to our blog and social-media platforms (are you following us on Twitter and Facebook?) to keep abreast of the locations. If you can’t make it to one, no worries–there will be plenty of opportunities to meet our BAs!

How We Biked KIND-ly in 2013

Last week, we announced that the Bike KIND-ly program—during which our bike ambassadors hand out Kind bars stickered with a helpful tip about bike etiquette—is back on for 2014.

On a monthly basis, the ambassadors selected a different location and crafted a message to distribute to cyclists riding near it. Individual snack bars were adorned with a short reminder to share the road, yield to pedestrians on sidewalks, basic bike-lane etiquette, and to ride lawfully. Read the full list of last year’s Bike KIND-ly tips below:

  1. Don’t be a bike ninja! Position yourself to be seen, and be visible with bright bike lights, bright colors and reflectivity.
  2. Avoid bicycling on the sidewalks! You’re safest when you ride on the road and go with the flow.
  3. Be extremely KIND to your fellow trail users. When passing slow down, ring your bell, give an audible warning, pass on their left.
  4. Communicate lane changes and turns to drivers with hand signals, eye contact, and your positioning on the road.
  5. Show respect for fellow road users. Yield to pedestrians in x-walks and follow traffic laws.
  6. Tune into your surroundings, not mobile devices. Don’t text or make phone calls by bike.
  7. First in, first out. Wait behind cyclists already stopped at lights. Don’t crowd beside or blow through without warning.
  8. Thanks for Stopping By. Obey traffic signs to help prevents injuries and improve bicyclists’ image. Be a Roll Model!
  9. Claim the lane! A cyclist is entitled to the road, take what is yours! Riding in the middle of the lane makes you more visible to drivers.

And here’s a list of Bike KIND-ly locations:

  • Columbia Heights Metro station
  • Met Branch Trail
  • 15th Street cycletrack and M Street NW
  • R Street and New Jersey Avenue NW
  • East Capitol and 4th streets NE
  • 11th and W streets NW
  • 11th Street Bridge SE
  • 16th and U streets NW
  • Kansas and 5th streets NW

Have a suggestion for the next Bike KIND-ly location or message? Let us know! Email the D.C. Bike Ambassadors at

Bike KIND-ly is Back for 2014!

Bike KIND-ly is back for the 2014 season!

Last year, WABA’s Bike Ambassadors partnered with KIND Snacks to create a Bike KIND-ly campaign. Each month, a different “tip” geared towards bicycle safety or etiquette was stuck on a snack bar and given out at various locations around the city as a reminder to riders to be kind on the roads. We reached over 2,000 bicyclists last year and are hoping to have an even bigger impact this year.

Catch the Bike Ambassadors tomorrow morning, Jan. 8, at Kansas Avenue and 5th St. NW rom 7:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. Stop by to learn more about the program, how you can get involved, or just to grab a snack!

If you missed the 2013 Bike KIND-ly season, stay tuned. We’ll be back here with a full list of last year’s tips. For now, check out some photos below the jump. Continue reading

All I Want for Christmas is a Bike!

Might a kids’ bike make its way to your home this holiday season? Santa and his elves teamed up with  WABA and the D.C. Bike Ambassadors for this exclusive video, which shares information on how to select the right bicycle for your child and safety tips to help get you started.

Santa Bikes from Washington Area Bicyclist Assoc. on Vimeo.

For more information about bike safety and tips for beginners, see these pages:

Happy holidays from the D.C. Bike Ambassadors!

Meet the Bike Ambassador Team

We’ve previously introduced you to a few of our superstar bike-ambassador volunteers. Since then, the program has grown, and we’ve brought on part-time staff to better spread the word of bicycling in D.C. You might recognize Dani, Hamzat, and Pete, who have spent the past few weeks roaming the city with our big green bike trailers. Learn more about them below. 

20130926_071525Dani Moore
My path to professional cycling zealot began innocuously enough. In 2006, I moved to Tempe, Arizona to attend Arizona State University. Like many Sun Devils, I discovered that the fastest and most pleasurable way to commute to campus was by bike. Every day I rolled 1.5 miles from my apartment to school. The habit was so engrained that I continued to commute by bicycle when I moved 1.5 miles farther away. Along the way, I made friends with other cyclists, and I found myself biking increasingly longer distances in their company. We biked to cupcake bakeries, hiking trailheads, and farmers markets in the Phoenix metro area.

Before I knew it, I was embarking on incredible bike adventures – 65-, 75-, 125-mile rides through the Sonoran desert. In December 2012, I set out on my grandest bike adventure yet: a cross-country trip from Phoenix to Washington, D.C.

Joining WABA was one of the first things I did after arriving in D.C. I believe everyone benefits when biking is a viable transportation option. I am eager to help more people discover the joy of cycling and to promote a vibrant, safe, inclusive, and enduring bicycle culture in the nation’s capital.

Meet the next two BAs, Hamzat and Pete, below the jump. Continue reading