Fabulous Fun at the Trail Ranger Scavenger Hunt!

The Anacostia Riverwalk Trail was alive with hearty adventurers, creativity and merriment at the Treasures of the River Trail. Now in its second year, the Trail Ranger scavenger hunt saw teams explore the hidden corners of the twelve mile trail system, compete for fabulous prizes (big thank you to Blue Jacket!),  and put their ingenuity to test. Herons, egrets and cormorants were spotted, fantastic sturdy boats were built, and forts found. It was a great afternoon to introduce new and familiar faces to the many treasures of the trail!

Anacostia River Festival Abuzz with Bikes


Anacostia Park was bustling on Sunday with the first annual Anacostia River Festival. So many people from near and far away from the trail came down to the riverbank to listen to music, paddle canoes, ride the trails and connect with their neighbors. Lots of folks stopped by our booth to better understand how the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail connects, see what the future holds when the Kenilworth section opens up in 2016 and swap ideas for summer rides.

Anacostia Fest 2 (1)

Trail Rangers also led two groups around a guided loop of the trail to introduce the trail to new and familiar riders alike. The five mile loop up to Benning Road allowed us to explore both banks of the river, see some of the many connections the trail has to the street grid and spot a few herons. It was a beautiful blue sky day to be out for a ride, and the trails were full of people coming and going from the festival.

Anacostia Fest 5 (1)



Anacostia River Festival is This Sunday

riverfest graphic

Have you lived in the Washington area for a while, yet still, somehow, not been down to the Anacostia River? Well here is your chance to explore the river AND have a blast with family, friends, and neighbors!

On Sunday April 12th, join WABA, the National Park Service, the 11th Street Bridge Park and dozens of area organizations for the first Anacostia River Festival! This year’s festival celebrates the natural world by focusing on the Anacostia River, its history, ecology, and the communities along its riverbanks.

For all those first timers and trail lovers, we are leading group trail rides on the beautiful Anacostia Riverwalk Trail, which runs both banks of the river in DC. Bring a bike and see the river, the trail, and the re-emerging wildlife for yourself. These relaxed pace rides will depart at 12:15 and 2:30 pm and last about half an hour. We’ll get you back with plenty of time to enjoy the rest of the festival. Learn more about the rides at waba.org/riverfest

Festival Details

Sunday April 12, 2015 12 – 4 pm
Anacostia Park at Good Hope Road & Anacostia Drive, Southeast DC (map)
For full festival details and activity updates, see bridgepark.org/ARF

Want to help us make it happen? We are still looking for a few volunteers. Sign Up Here

Treasures Abound And Good Times Found!

Over 70 brave explorers came out to join in WABA’s Anacostia Riverwalk Treasure Hunt this past Saturday. Sporting costumes, colorful headwear, impressive team branding, and almost giddy excitement, the 25 teams came prepared for some serious riddle sleuthing and river wandering.
Anacostia Riverwalk Treasure Hunt

Once out on the trail, teams fanned out in all directions to unravel a list of riddles and uncover the trail’s hidden bounty. Some of these “Trail Treasures” –landmarks, sweeping views, riverside hideaways, and unexpected attractions– proved quite tricky, but well worth the trip.

Anacostia Riverwalk Treasure Hunt

Since the mark of a modern privateer is the right balance of braggery, skill, and tech savvy, teams collected points by tweeting and instagramming photos of their team at each trail treasure.  With a little encouragement and so many sights and props for inspiration, teams dove headfirst into the competition with some great results.

Anacostia Riverwalk Treasure Hunt

For many riders, this adventure was a first time down on the river. We hope that the cheerful trail, wildlife for company, and so many activities, keep them coming back!  If you missed it, check out the photos on our flickr page and consider setting sail for the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail for a voyage of your own!

For the big extra spark of motivation and boatloads of prizes, we owe a rousing Thank You to our Prize Sponsors: Capitol Hill Bikes, Bluejacket, Ice Cream Jubilee, and Chipotle Mexican Grill.

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Five Reasons To Join the Treasure Hunt

On August 30, our Trail Ranger crew is bringing a treasure hunt to the shores of the Anacostia River. If you’re not swayed by promises of a lighthearted team competition wrapped in a bike adventure with cheeky pirate themes, here are the top five reasons to weigh anchor and pedal down to Diamond Teague Park next weekend.

5. There’s Real Treasure in DC’s Backyard!

OK, so truth be told, you won’t see any rubies or gold pieces, but you may be surprised by what your team digs up.  DC has no shortage of sweeping views, so you can expect plenty of those.  But just as exciting are the places where the trees take over and the city fades away.  Come find your new favorite hideaway.

4. The Anacostia Riverwalk Trail is Amazing!

RiverWalk Ride

The eight mile loop is a pleasure to ride.  With sweeping bridges, easy connections to nearby streets and thriving wildlife, the trail is an attraction all on its own.  And it is only getting better!  Construction is underway on a 4.5 mile connection to Maryland’s Anacostia Tributary Trails, so expect a significant bump in trail users by Spring of 2016.  Quit waiting.

3. There are Boats of All Sizes

We hope not to see any naval battles, but there sure are a ton of ships to board like the Navy’s display ship Barry

Display Ship Barry
or this one


2. Kids will have blast too!

Our younger, bike savvy explorers can expect a shorter, more directed route mapped out on a treasure map of their own.  Along the way, they’ll find some great views, shoeline riding, and a few surprises.

1. Treasure Maps, Clues, Exploration, Bikes and Prizes!

Bike rides with friends are fun.  Bike rides with friends with treasure maps and riddles are better.  Add costumes, prizes, a little bit of bushwhacking and prizes and you’ve got a real adventure!  Come join in the fun.

Weigh Anchor and Sign Up!

Calling All Treasure Hunters!

Do you have an affinity for nautical themes, bicycles, and vague maps of geographical forms? Do you like exploration, friendly competition and prizes? If so, grab a friend, a bicycle and strap on your skull and crossbones helmet for the first ever Anacostia River Treasure Hunt!

At 10: am on Saturday, August 30th, set sail for the shores of the Anacostia River at Diamond Teague Park for a spirited hunt for all the treasures our city’s other great river has to offer. in days of olde, treasure hunters crossed the seas and beat back jungles in search of precious metals and plunder. Today, we’ll compete for points, earned by following clues, discovering lesser known attractions, and clearing some jungles too! Armed with a treasure map, a sense of adventure and a Twitter handle, your team will take on the competition for points, prizes, and glory.

Hunt Details

Each team will receive a treasure map and a broad list of clues to “Trail Treasures” and challenges scattered up and down the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail. Since the mark of a true privateer is the right balance of braggery, skill, and wit, teams will collect points by tweeting and instagramming photos featuring their team’s  hunting talents.  With limited time, will your team seek out the large payoffs of tricky and distant treasures or aim for the easy return on simpler clues? Good treasure hunters always have a keen mind for strategy!

Teams that collect the most points or show great creativity will be showered with prizes and glory. The rest will walk away with an album full of reasons to come back for more adventure by bike, kayak, roller skate, or picnic blanket.

Registration is free and open to all. Teams including bike savvy kids are welcome too! We’ll have a shorter, kid friendly map and clue sheet so aspiring treasure hunters can join in the fun.

Treasures Worth Hunting

While the Anacostia has never been a place for precious metals, it is littered with treasures of another kind! These are the sweeping views, riverside hideaways, feats of engineering and pieces of history that make the Anacostia impressive. They are those uplifting scenes of a river alive with wildlife and abuzz with people. They are boathouses, roller rinks and aquariums right in DC’s back yard!  We hope you’ll join us!

Weigh Anchor, Register Now!

More Trail Events Coming Up

With hard work on the Met Branch and Anacostia Riverwalk Trails behind us, the Trail Ranger team is getting in gear for our lesser known trails east of the Anacostia.  With the Riverwalk Trail as a backbone of the network, the Suitland Parkway Trail and Marvin Gaye Trail serve as feeder lines from the Maryland line.  Come ride the trails with us and lend a hand keeping them in shape.

Suitland Parkway Trail Cleanup & Ride
Saturday, July 12, 10 am – 1 pm

Join us Rangers for a personal introduction and cleanup on one of DC’s least known bike trails. Through a little hard work, you’ll get a ground level perspective of where the trail goes, its challenges, and the future improvements we are advocating for. Learn more and Sign Up

Marvin Gaye Trail Cleanup & Ride
Sunday, July 27, 11 am – 2 pm

Roll up your sleeves and join the team in a community cleanup and ride on the Marvin Gaye Trail. Running the length of Marvin Gaye Park, the trail follows the Watts Branch creek for nearly 2 miles as it winds through quiet, green neighborhood streets from Minnesota Ave. to the Maryland line. Come discover how to get there, help us keep it looking fresh, and discover why you might want to come back. Learn more and Sign Up

Riverwalk Trail Gets Some Attention

ART Cleanup

Last Saturday morning, our Trail Ranger team and some eager volunteers gathered in River Terrace park on the east bank of the Anacostia River to give the trail some much needed help.. In just under two hours, our crew greatly improved the Benning Road bridge crossing, trimming back overgrown vegetation, clearing sight lines, and removing glass. As the northernmost river crossing on the Riverwalk, the Benning Road bridge is often abuzz with bike and foot traffic. Thanks to our efforts, this crossing is a bit roomier, making for a more enjoyable ride.

With the hard work done, the group enjoyed a relaxed spin around the trail, highlighting some of the trail connections, nearby attractions, and the 4.5 mile Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens trail extension, now under construction.

Every week, we’re highlighting the work of WABA’s Trail Ranger program, an effort to increase use and upkeep of multi-use trails in the District. Check back for big trail updates, achievements, and ways to get involved with our cleanups and events. Click here for more about our Trail Ranger program.