What to give your bike loving sweetie for Valentine’s Day

WABA members and their bike loving sweethearts

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. This is the day we get to celebrate our love for our partners. For many that means dinner, candles, chocolate (of course), or flowers. But if your partner loves to ride a bicycle, we have some gifts that you may want to consider giving instead. No guarantees, but we’re pretty sure they’ll love them.

WABA merchandise

Your partner loves to ride their bicycle, so make sure that they become a member of WABA (it’s only $35/year to join and get a lot of great perks). If they already are a member, then why not outfit them with some of our WABA merchandise? We have socks to keep their toes warm during a winter ride and cool in the summer, t-shirts that let everyone know they love biking, and jerseys to show off that WABA pride. Your purchase helps us continue to advocate for better bicycling across the region and supports our efforts to get more people riding bikes!


At some point, your loved one will need to have their bike serviced or repaired. But it can sometimes be inconvenient to take it to a shop and wait for the repair. There’s no need to do that when you could give them the gift of Velofix. Velofix is a mobile bike shop that can do any repairs or service needed on-site at your home or office. They even sell bikes in case you need a new one. Check out all the services they offer here.


Even though your loved one rides a bike, there are some times when a car is necessary. Maybe they need to go somewhere farther than they are willing to bike. Or perhaps biking in less-than-ideal weather just isn’t fun for them. Well, you can give them the gift of options with car2go. With a car2go membership, they can use the app to reserve a car nearby and unlock it when they arrive, then simply hop in and go. Even better, you can park it (almost) anywhere and end your trip. It’s perfect for one-way travel or even full-day trips. Learn more about why a car2go membership is a great gift for your honey.

Grip Unlimited

Most likely if your sweetie is biking, they need to carry stuff. It may be clothes or just a flat repair kit. No matter what it is, they will need a way to transport it. And Grip Unlimited is the perfect way to do that. Their products are made locally and attach to the frame of a bike. Check out their collection of bags here.


Let’s be honest, going out to eat on Valentine’s Day can be frustrating and expensive. But you still need to eat (and impress that special someone). Instead of going out this year, you could stay in and order a delicious meal via DoorDash. Download the app or order online and have your food arrive in less than an hour.

Urban Stems

And finally, if you want to go traditional on Valentine’s Day and send flowers, consider having them delivered by one of the wonderful bike couriers from Urban Stems. Who wouldn’t love beautiful flowers delivered by bicycle? It’s the best of both worlds. The flowers will also pair nicely with your meal from DoorDash.

When you love a person who loves bicycles you may as well get them something they will truly appreciate and you can’t go wrong with any of these gifts.

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Resolutions you’ll keep (and that will make you feel good)

Do you make New Year’s resolutions on January 1st and then forget about them by January 18th? You’re not alone. The University of Scranton suggests that just 8% of people achieve their New year’s Resolutions.

Rather than lofty goals like “ride a century” or “win that segment of Strava,” Here are a few resolutions that are easy to keep. You’ll feel like a winner at the end of 2018 if you do just one of them!


Attend a City Cycling Class

If you are uncomfortable riding your bike on city streets, consider joining one of our City Cycling Classes. These classes are designed to help people who know how to ride feel more comfortable and confident on the road. Sign up here to be notified when the spring schedule is available.

Attend a Learn to Ride Class

If you don’t know how to ride a bike, it’s never too late to learn. (I learned to ride a bike when I was 25, while on a date!)

Last season, WABA’s instructors taught a 79-year-old, proving that nobody is too old to learn. Even better, the class is fun, and just three hours long. Don’t put it off any longer, sign up here to be notified when the spring schedule is available.

Renew your WABA membership

WABA represents more than 5,500 people who see bicycling as a solution to the traffic, health and environmental challenges we face in our community. We depend on area bicyclists like you to continue our work making bicycling a healthy and more sustainable means of transportation and recreation. Your $35 membership gives you member perks to area bike shops, car2go, Zipcar and many more! And your membership also allows you to sign up for member only rides such as the VASA ride, 50 States Ride and Cider Ride.

Join a Community Ride

These low key rides are a great way to get started riding comfortably and confidently on city streets. Our next community ride is January 27th- Ride to the Rink. We will be riding in Ward 7 to DC’s only indoor ice rink, Ft. Dupont Ice Arena to celebrate National Ice Skating Month. We’d love to have you join us.

Learn to be an advocate in your community

Have you always wanted to know how to get a bike lane on your route to work? Or how to get a bike rack in front of your building? All of that requires advocacy. Come join us on how to be an advocate for bikey things in your neck of the woods. Learn how to be an advocate at the next workshop.

Ride a Trail

We have a lot of beautiful trails in the area. Take some time to ride on one of them today (or when it’s nice out). Check out one of them below and post your pic on social media and tag @WABADC

    1. Mount Vernon Trail
    2. Custis Trail
    3. Four Mile Run Trail
    4. Capital Crescent Trail
    5. C & O Canal Path
    6. Metropolitan Branch Trail
    7. Oxon Run Trail – runs from 13th St SE to South Capitol St
    8. Washington, Baltimore, & Annapolis Trail
    9. Anacostia River Trail

Volunteer at a WABA event

Check out our volunteer hub and Bike Ambassador Facebook page to see what opportunities are available monthly and stop by our next Volunteer Night on January 24th!

Become a monthly donor to WABA’s mission to make biking accessible and fun for our entire region. You can donate to WABA using this link.

Sign the Vision Zero Pledge (you can do this one right now. It’s that easy to do. Seriously, take the pledge now)

Take your family on a bike ride.  Use one of the trails listed above or if you have children or know children who would be interested in biking, sign them up for BikeCamp!

You don’t need to do all of them (but that would be awesome), but these are easy resolutions to work into your year of biking. Go for a ride, get involved— make 2018 better for everyone on a bike and help WABA continue to do the work that matters most to you!

9 Reasons to Bike in the Winter

biking in the winter

When I first started riding at age 25, I only rode during the day and only if the temp was over 70 degrees. I was literally a fair weather rider. Now many years later, I find myself biking to and from work all year long. And I must admit it’s not nearly as bad as I thought. It sounds crazy, but I actually enjoy riding in the winter. Don’t believe me? Here’s what won me over:

1. Park anywhere

The spring and summer mean more people are biking. YAY! That also means fewer places to park your bike when you arrive at your destination. In the winter, you don’t have that problem. You can park almost anywhere.

2. Be #awesome

Biking to work in the cold and wind and snow leaves people in awe of you. While they were stuck in traffic in a warm car you were passing them, avoiding the traffic, braving the elements and being amazing.

3. Hains Point 100

Every December one of our amazing volunteers, Megan Jones, organizes the Hains Point 100 event to raise money for Women & Bicycles, WABA’s program to encourage and support more women to ride bicycles. The idea is to ride 100 laps, 100 miles, 100 minutes, 100 seconds, 100 anythings, etc. around Hains Point in East Potomac Park. And she raffles off incredible gifts and swag too. Register for the Hains Point 100, this Sunday on December 17th from 8:45 am-3:00 pm and help raise money for a great cause.

4. Stay healthy

Exercising throughout the winter helps to boost your immune system which can help you fight off colds and the flu and stay healthy. Plus, more biking means you can eat more holiday cookies.

5. Improve your mood

When the time changes we have a lot less daylight, leading to anxiety, crankiness, and even Seasonal Affective Disorder. One way to combat that is to bike to work. Being out on your bike is a great way to get a little more sun, fresh air, and daylight in your life during the winter.

6. Skip the shower

Summer riding is fun but can be sweaty and leave you feeling like you need to shower after every bike ride. But in the winter you can ride and arrive at your destination and not feel like you need to shower before your first meeting. But it never hurts to keep some wet wipes or a stick of deodorant in your office, just in case.

7. Bike Lanes are less crowded

(at least until everyone reads this post!)

8. Friendly competition

If you are one of those people who need a bit of motivation to ride through the winter you may want to try Freezing Saddles. It’s a friendly winter competition and the goal is to ride at least 1 mile every day from January 1 until the last day of winter. Each registrant is part of a team and there are fun (and sometimes meaningless) prizes that are given for the person and team that rides the most miles, rides the most often, visits the most coffee shops, and more!

9. Bike & Skate

Join us for our first ride event of 2018. We’ll be riding to ice skate at the Ft. Dupont Ice Arena on Ely Place SE. If you haven’t ice skated in a while or you ice skated last week, you should come join us for a fun bike ride and skating event.

Biking through the winter isn’t for everyone. And there are some days when it’s below freezing and you just don’t want to. There’s nothing wrong with that. But winter biking is worth a try occasionally. And you never know, you just may begin to like it.

This week only: “How’s My Driving” Scavenger Hunt!

Help us make a case:

We’re looking for pictures and videos of professional drivers behaving unprofessionally. You know, blocking bike lanes, passing unsafely, blocking sidewalks and crosswalks. Stuff you probably encounter every day. We’re also on the hunt for photos of professional drivers parking, stopping, or unloading correctly on streets with bike infrastructure, and driving safely around bicyclists and pedestrians.

So we’re hosting a scavenger hunt and keeping a scorecard of sorts:

To sweeten the deal. We’ll be giving away a WABA t-shirt to the person who submits the most photos or videos. We’ll announce the winner on Friday, October 5th.

Here’s how to participate::

  • Post a photo or video of a Fedex, Mail, UPS truck in a bike lane (Or parked appropriately next to a bike lane) (1pt)
  • Post a photo or video of a driver in a bike lane picking up or dropping off someone(Or discharging passengers appropriately next to a bike lane) (1pt)
  • Post a photo or video of a delivery truck in a bike lane (or unloading appropriately next to a bike lane) (1pt)
  • You can post on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and use the hashtag #StreetsForPeopleDC , and tag us (@WABADC) when you post
  • Double points for photos and videos in NE, SE, SW (unsurprisingly, we have a lot of photos of 14th St NW)
  • You can also submit pics with your name or Twitter handle via email to renee.moore@waba.org

Get your submissions in by Friday, September 29th at 6 pm

Here’s what we have so far:


Let’s grade some intersections!

Over the past year, our Vision Zero team has been holding neighborhood workshops in each of the District’s 8 Wards. We meet up with neighbors, commuters, and community advocates to visit a dangerous intersection or two, then talk about what might make it safer. Out of those conversations, we put together a report card for each intersection. Here are our report cards so far:

Want to join us at our next intersection visit?

Workshop: Ward 6 Mobile Traffic Safety Workshop

August 19, 10:00 AM
Navy Yard Metro

We’ll talk about how to make two intersections safer, then check out the Southwest Farmers Market at the end of the workshop.

Register here

Workshop: Ward 2 Mobile Traffic Safety Workshop

August 23, 6:30 PM
McPherson Square Metro

Join us for a walking workshop to discuss how to make the K St corridor safer for everyone.

Register here

Workshop: Ward 8 Mobile Traffic Safety Workshop

September 7, 7:00 PM
Anacostia Metro Station.

Join us for a walking workshop to discuss how to make three intersections in Anacostia safer for everyone.

Register here

Workshop: Ward 1 Mobile Traffic Safety Workshop

September 14, 6:30 PM
PNC Bank 14th and Park Rd.

Join us for a walking workshop to discuss how to make the intersections in Columbia Heights and Adams Morgan safer for everyone.

Register here

Wanted: Videos of the Good, Bad & Ugly of DC Roads

Have you been biking or walking in DC and seen behavior that makes you cringe? Maybe it’s a driver running a red light or a delivery vehicle parked in a bike lane. Maybe you have seen great things as you traveled, like families with young kids using protected bike lanes, or delivery vehicles stationed outside of bike lanes with cones. Or maybe you’ve captured video of people navigating bad infrastruture—trying to cross a busy street, trying to merge out of a disappearing bike lane. If you have seen anything like this, we want your help!

Here’s what we are looking for:

  • Videos that show the good, bad, and the ugly of roads and road users.
  • Videos should be less than 2 minutes long.
  • Please take a few moments to describe what is happening in the video, including when and where it was taken.
  • Post the video to any of the following social media:
    • Twitter using #streetsforpeopleDC and tag @wabadc and @dcvisionzero in the post.
    • Instagram and tag @wabadc and #streetsforpeopleDC
    • Facebook and tag @wabadc #streetsforpeopleDC
    • Or download your video and send it to us at renee.moore@waba.org and we’ll post it to YouTube. In the subject line put VZ DC roads video

Here are a few more examples:





We will share and promote the videos to help make the experience of bicyclists and pedestrians easier to see and understand. We appreciate you helping us to collect videos of DC streets!

Deanwood Peace in the Streets Ride

On the Saturday before Father’s Day, The House of Praise Church hosted its annual Peace in the Streets Ride. The ride is designed to get the community on bikes and show a peaceful ride of residents in Ward 7. The ride is about 16 miles total and leaves from the church in Deanwood and goes to the White House where they say a prayer before returning to the church.   

We were asked by co-organizer Christine Hart- Wright to help with advertising and making sure participants had working bicycles. We worked with Capital Bikeshare who provided bikes free of charge to participants who didn’t own a bike.

This gave CaBi an opportunity to showcase the bikes in the Deanwood neighborhood and for those who used them to see how easy they are to take out, ride and dock.

There were about 20 people including riders from Women & Bicycles, Black Women Bike DC and house of Praise Church that showed up to ride. Christine kicked us off with a prayer and Allyson Criner-Brown led us in stretches and a short safety talk.

While the group rode off to the White House, Jeff Wetzel, our Youth and Family Coordinator, set up a course for a rodeo for the kids.  The kids were able to use one of our bicycles and helmets to practice techniques such as hand signals when turning and how to avoid debris on the road. They had a great time riding the bikes in the church’s parking lot.


The riders took off on their ride to the White House led by the three Metropolitan Police Department Officers. Once there, they stopped for a picture to commemorate the event.

Around 12 noon, everyone arrived back at the House of Praise Church for a pizza reception. Christine works tirelessly every year to make this ride happen. She wants to encourage the residents of Ward 7 and particularly Deanwood to ride their bikes on the nearby trails and bike lanes and we’re happy to be a partner in her mission to get more people in Ward 7 biking!