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Image: Climate Ride

Ride for the issues you care about, ride to make bicycling better in your backyard!

Climate Ride NYC-DC is a grand bike adventure that connects two of the nation’s most important cities – New York and Washington, DC – by bicycle. From the exciting departure by ferry in Manhattan to the hero’s welcome and rally at the steps of the US Capitol, the East Coast version of Climate Ride is more than a bike trip – it’s an inspiring journey with 200 like-minded people who are united by their passion for sustainability, renewable energy, and bicycles – the ultimate carbon-free form of transportation. And hey – if you’re looking to travel beyond our backyard, or those dates don’t work for you, there are 9 other rides to choose from!

To get all your Climate Ride questions answered, join us at our Climate Ride Meet and Greet on April 5th, 6pm to 8pm, at the WABA office. We’ll share tips and tricks and snacks! Click here to R.S.V.P. for the Climate Ride Meet and Greet.

To get your questions answered now, visit the Climate Ride page, or if you’re ready to register, sign up for our team page.


Image: Climate Ride


DC Bike Ride: WABA Early Access Discount Extended

An update from our partners at DC Bike Ride:

Since the WABA Early Access registration launch on Monday, we have received great interest in DC Bike Ride within the last 48 hours. Thank you so much! The outpouring of excitement around DCBR has been great and we really appreciate your support. We will be extending the $48 discount, for WABA members only, for another 24 hours. The offer will now end on February 4.

You Asked, We Listened.
We have had a number of inquiries around our age policy and we have been paying close attention to your suggestions! At this time, we have made the decision to:

  • Adjust the participation age requirement to 3 years old as of 5/22/16
  • Offer a youth ride-along rate for children ages 3 to 7 years old at $30 per participant (we will be reaching out to all current registrants within this age group, at the provided contact information, to issue an $18 refund)
  • Eliminate the 1-to-1 adult to youth rider ratio requirement for ride-along youth ages 3 to 7; the 1-to-1 adult policy will only apply to youth riders on their own bike, ages 8 to 13

Please note, all participants must be registered regardless of age or riding method. To view DCBR’s updated Youth Rider Policy, click here.

Join the Ride Today.
We appreciate your continued support and hope to see you at DCBR on May 22, 2016! WABA members check your email for your discount code to receive the discount. Offer will end on February 4.

WABA is a DC Bike Ride Founding Partner. This means the organizers of DCBR are paying for our promotion of the ride. In addition, DCBR organizers are making a substantial grant to support WABA’s advocacy work and community organizing for Vision Zero. So, while we are not directly involved in the operation of the event, we’re thrilled it’s taking place and invested in its success.

You should sign up. It’s going to be great. 

A few things we can’t do without your help

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You are one of thousands of bicyclists throughout the region who sustain WABA. With your help, we can build a region where everyone can get where they’re going on a bike.

Here are just a few things we can’t do without your support right now:

  1. Make sure the D.C. Council doesn’t water down the bike bills it’s considering right now.
  2. Help Montgomery County develop the most progressive bike master plan in the country.
  3. Work with the Park Service to make sure key trails are cleared of snow and ice.

With your help, we can change the way roads are built, the way people move, and the way the law treats bicyclists. We know we can do it. WABA has a foundation 40 years deep and the success story to prove it.

bikedc many bicyclists

Please donate before midnight on December, 31st to help us meet our goal.

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Expanding Universal Bike Education In 2016

On September, 12th 2015 you helped revolutionize biking for generations to come. Second-graders throughout D.C. are buckling up their helmets, looking both ways, and giving bikes a try.

A girl practices her bike skills in Brookland, DC

They call it universal bike education. It’s unlike anything WABA’s ever worked on and the first of its kind in the country.

Next to Bikeshare, this program is the most powerful investment in biking cities can make—because it’s an investment in people, a long-term investment with high returns. By next summer, every second grader in D.C. public schools will know how to ride a bike. And so will every second grader from here on out.

Hard to believe right? Every year, more than 3,200 seven year-olds will work through bike lesson plans, they’ll teach one another, and every class will celebrate with a half-day bike field-trip to a nearby park. But this education won’t end with the lesson plans.

These experiences will ripple throughout families, across generations and around neighborhoods. These kids will form a relationship with biking many wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to, and most will continue that relationship the rest of their lives.

How do we expand this amazing program to second graders in Maryland and Virginia? Even our world class team of educators can’t do it on their own. Universal Bike Education is a government-level commitment, and making that happen takes advocacy work.

WABA’s advocacy is funded by contributions from thousands of people like you. You can make this happen.

Donate in the next 24-hours to bring universal bike education to more classrooms. 

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Thank you!

Note: The Washington Area Bicyclist Association is a registered 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization. Donations to WABA are tax-deductible to fullest extent of the law. All donations postmarked before 12/31/15 can be claimed as a 2015 donation.

How Will Your Bike Ride Get Better In 2016?

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YES! We’re just three days away from meeting our $85,000 goal! This is when we rely on donors like you to fund the essential work to make your bike ride better every day. Here are the top three reasons to contribute to WABA in 2016.

Your funds pave the way for concrete changes to your bike ride, like:

  • Making sure the Met Branch Trail gets completed.
  • Fighting budget cuts for bike lanes, trails, and Bikeshare expansion in Arlington and Alexandria County.
  • Building pressure and political will through our Action Committees for protected bike lanes in Prince George’s, Montgomery, and Arlington Counties.
  • Ensuring a commitment to extend the Capital Crescent Trail between Bethesda and Silver Spring along the Purple Line.
  • Securing a commitment from NPS to repave and widen the Rock Creek Park Trail starting in 2016!


Your investments advance smart roadway laws and policies that keep you safe, like:

  • Holding D.C. accountable to its commitments on Vision Zero, and pushing for a regional commitment to end traffic fatalities and serious injuries.
  • Closing the door on contributory negligence in D.C. once and for all.
  • Celebrating the 3-foot passing laws in DC, MD, and VA, and ensuring its enforcement.

Heck Yes!

Your contributions support programs that empower more people, like:

  • Celebrating 4 years of our Women & Bicycles program, now 4,400+ strong.
  • Ramping up our Spanish-language outreach through education classes and our D.C. Bike Ambassador Program.
  • Promoting Universal Bike Education in school systems beyond D.C.

100% of our time advocating is funded by thousands of bicyclists like you. Please help us meet our $85,000 fundraising goal for better biking in 2016.


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Edgar’s Story: Making Bike Advocacy More Accessible to More People

Last week, we here at WABA announced an ambitious plan to triple the number of people riding bikes throughout the region over the next five years. You’re a part of that! But we need your help.

At the end of this story we’ll ask you for a contribution, but before we get to that, we want to highlight one of our members and why he supports WABA:

When my wife and I returned to Arlington from living in Copenhagen, we decided we would continue the car free lifestyle we enjoyed. Considering how much time and money can be consumed by public transportation costs, I focused on using my bike as my primary mode of transportation.


I quickly realized that our bike infrastructure is fragmented and requires navigating a complex set of situations. I recognized that I could use more knowledge about how to bike in our urban environment, and came across an offer from WABA for a city cycling course. I was hooked. Building on the certification WABA offered, I eventually became a certified instructor for the League of American Bicyclists.

As I became more involved in the bike advocacy community, I observed a lack of outreach and engagement with a community that consists of major users of bikes for transportation in the area – new immigrants. I could relate to the position the members of this group were in, having been a new immigrant to the U.S. as an adult in 1999.

For many new immigrants a bicycle is the only transportation method available, but lack of knowledge of rights and responsibilities often prevent members of this community from engaging and benefiting from the resources and infrastructure that WABA has helped create.

I wanted to see this change, so I suggested that WABA offer free city cycling classes taught in Spanish. Since I had become certified as an instructor, with collaboration and support of WABA, I was able to offer these classes to workers at a day laborer center in Arlington.

WABA has repeatedly demonstrated their openness to new partnerships, like bringing bicycling to diabetes patients at la Clínica del Pueblo or sponsoring classes for daily workers in Arlington.

WABA invests in community members like me to become instructors and advocates for better biking infrastructure, in order to give voice to those who don’t share the same language, or have the time, skills, or knowledge of the system to get involved.

When you support WABA, you are supporting an organization that seeks to improve the landscape of biking for all types of users in a wide variety of communities. WABA is keeping our communities healthier and happier one pedal stroke at the time!


WABA’s effective advocacy is funded by thousands of bicyclists like you with stories like Edgar’s. Please contribute to WABA’s bold vision for safer streets in 2016.

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Announcing WABA’s Strategic Plan: The Nuts & Bolts


Last night more than 200 members of the WABA family joined us to celebrate biking wins in 2015 and launch WABA’s 5-year Strategic Plan. The evening was full of merriment and abuzz with excitement and we want to pass it along to you.

Because it’s a major undertaking and because it represents the shared vision of you and 5,500+ WABA members, we want you to be informed and proud of our plan, and hold us accountable to our commitments. And, like all of our advocacy work – to carry it out we need your support.

Last year you helped us raise $85,000 for WABA’s people power. Please show your support for better biking in 2016!

Donate Now!

This document is a synthesis of all of the things we need to achieve in order to truly make our region a world-class place to ride a bike. Our Board of Directors, our staff and our members and volunteers have been working on this for more than a year.

We are committed to better representing the people who bike in the region and the diversity of their needs: people who use bikes for their work, people who bike to work, and people who want to figure out how to make biking work.

We all know that in order to make biking safe, popular, and normal we need to get more people biking. As biking mode-share (the percentage of people who bike compared to other forms of transportation) increases, so does our safety. It’s simple. It’s power in numbers. Our goal is to triple the number who bike by 2020.

Triple our mode-share!

But there are obvious limits to growing the number of bicyclists in our roadways. Bike lanes, if present, are concentrated in dense areas. They often don’t connect. They are often poorly maintained. And only a fraction are protected from vehicular traffic.

To make biking accessible to more people we need a network of connected, low-stress places to bike. Our goal is that all residents be within one mile of dedicated space for biking and a connection to the broader bicycling network By 2035.

Connect the network!

The success of our overarching goals relies on our ability to:

  1. Improve our bike network to enhance mobility, connectivity, and ease.
  2. Advocate for increased bike education efforts across the region and expand WABA’s role from service provider to program developer.
  3. Commit to practices and programs that ensure equity, diversity, and inclusion throughout our work.
  4. Attain effective laws and enforcement of our laws to protect people who bike.
  5. Empower local advocates.
  6. Secure WABA’s organizational future.

We encourage you to read our plan and see the aspirational targets tied to each goal. That’s where it gets interesting, that’s where we need you to hold us accountable, and that’s where we need your contributions. This document does not help our region’s bike movement if we let it gather dust on a shelf. And this document does not have people power without your support.

Please consider donating $10, $25, $2,500 to help us meet our $85,000 goal and fund our 2016 advocacy targets.

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