Tonight’s Free Bike Maintenance Workshop

To celebrate the opening of their DC Flagship, REI is leading 100 days of recess and donating $100,000 (!) to five local non-profits. Your votes determine the donations! By attending their summer events, you’re voting where the benefit dollars go. Click here for more information.

Images courtesy of REI


Date: Wednesday, September 14th, 2016
Time: 6:30PM – 8:30PM
Location: REI’s Community Space at WunderGarten: First and L St NE, DC
More information: here!

Head over to REI’s community space tonight for a free session of level 2 bike maintenance! Come get greasy and learn cable tensioning, changing brake pads, replacing chains, and smooth shifting and braking.

If you can’t make it, click here to check out the next few events!

  • September 15th: Thru-Hiking Party with ATC
  • September 16th: Campfire Hangout with S’mores
  • September 20th: Elevated Camping: Hammock Basics
  • September 27th: Bikepacking the Canal: Tips & Tricks
  • September 28th: Map and Compass Navigation Basics
  • October 8th: Thingamajig Gear Swap

Your Voice, Amplified 6,643 times


Together, we are changing something big. 

We are a coalition of people—a collection of volunteers, businesses, community groups, churches, decision-makers, bike shops and more than 6,500 residents who all believe in the simple notion that biking can be a good way to get around town. And that it must get better. 

Together, we make up WABA, and together we get things done. We’ve brought biking to the front pages of newspapers, to the forefront of policy debates, and to front porch conversations with our neighbors. 

As a WABA member, you and your contributions are vital to this coalition. Thank you.

We bike in lots of different ways for lots of different reasons, but we believe that all road-users deserve respect. 

Bicycling in our region can be challenging and uncomfortable, intimidating, and occasionally terrifying. The most basic measurements, shapes and features of our streets create the car-centric culture you experience every single day. 

Most of us walk and drive in addition to biking. We see the failure of our road culture from a variety of perspectives. What ties us all together—you, our community of WABA members— is that we want to fix it. We want to build the infrastructure, both physical and cultural, that encourages respect. We can do it. We’ve all seen firsthand how together we are making our nation’s capital a better place to bike.

Strength in numbers: 

  • WABA Members: 6,643
  • Membership increase in the last 5 years: 68%
  • Leading donors ($500 and up): 27
  • Major donors ($1,000 and up): 19
  • Business Members: 36

I hope you take pride in your success, and I hope you recognize our strength in numbers. Please contribute this fall to help keep this community strong.

If you’ve already donated , thank you. Every dollar you send is critically needed, efficiently used and deeply appreciated. The Washington Area Bicyclist Association is a registered 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization with the Internal Revenue Service. Donations to WABA are tax-deductible to fullest extent of the law.

Yep, Over 2,000 Kids In 6 Months

Thank you for everything you do for WABA: the letter-writing, the petitions, testifying and staying in the know.  Thank you for all your time and financial contributions over the years.

Your support is paying off. On Tuesday we sent out our big wins in 2016 (link), your big wins, a list of a dozen updates on everything from 100 miles of new bike trails you’ll get to enjoy to the first protected bike lane in Silver Spring.

Today we want to highlight the outreach and education metrics that shape your experiences on the road. And today we ask you to contribute to WABA this fall so that, in addition to infrastructure wins, we can continue our relentless work for better bicycling. We want to tell you about the award-winning programs you support (some of which have been replicated across the country and world).

They are built around our three shared goals:

  1. Inspire more people to give biking a try.
  2. Inform all road-users about vital rules and roadway etiquette.
  3. Empower more people to create and grow biking in their communities.

Bike ClubRandle Highlands Elementary Bike Club

Your tax-deductible contributions to WABA are shaping the culture on your roads, creating more bike advocates in your communities, and introducing new generations to biking. Your donations fuel the programs, fill classes, fund the outreach, and foster the community that drives bicycle advocacy.

Here’s all the programming your contributions support:

  • Youth and family education: training up new generations in schools, workshops and rodeos, and our summer Bike Camp!
  • Adult education: teaching people how to bike confidently, legally, and respectfully through City Cycling classes, Adult Learn to Ride classes, and workplace Everyday Biking Seminars,
  • The DC Bike Ambassador and PAL Ambassadors: empowering volunteers to lead community-driven outreach,
  • Women & Bicycles: inspiring more women to bike, teach, engineer, plan, and advocate within the bike movement,
  • And the Trail Rangers: spreading care and caring for DC trails.

2016 Education By The Numbers

  • Adults taught how to ride a bicycle: 288
  • People taught to ride confidently, legally, and respectfully: 457
  • People taught how to bike to work: 330
  • Hours of teaching by WABA instructors: 541
  • Bike Camp! miles ridden by campers: 122
  • Kids taught to bike better: 2,145
  • Bike puns: [number redacted]


2016 Outreach By The Numbers:

  • Volunteer Ambassadors: 225
  • Miles ridden pulling our Bike PSA trailers: 284
  • Bags of debris collected by Trail Rangers: 223
  • Bells distributed on the trails: 100
  • Coffee distributed on the trails: 1,920 ounces
  • Days of the week the Rangers are out on trails: 7
  • One-on-one conversations at community events, fairs, and expos: 9,140 (yep, we count them!)

If you’ve already donated, thank you! Your bike rides improve when WABA succeeds. And we succeed because people like you choose to contribute your time and your hard-earned money to better bicycling. Please consider a mid-year tax-deductible donation to the persistent and critical action that will lead to a region that truly prioritizes bicycling.




Our First Bike Family Reunion

On Sunday, Atlas Brew Works hosted us for a summer bike family reunion. Over 250 people joined us for cold drinks, bike talk, and quality time with 23 bike organizations, rides, teams, clubs, and shops who work together to make our region a friendly place to ride a bike.


Thanks for spending your day with us and thanks for generously tipping your celebrity bar staff. Thanks to the generous support from Atlas, 100% of your tips were donated to WABA!

Big shoutout to our celebrity bartenders! Find their next ride, visit their shop, cheer on their time, and plug into their communities.

-Veronica: Black Women Bike DC
-David: Tour De Bike Lane DC
-Colin: DCMTB and ITDP
-Lesly: Black Women Bike DC and Women & Bicycles
-Molly: Slow Roll DC HQ
-Brian: Washington City Paper’s Gear Prudence
-Matt: WABA and REI
-Laurie: Black Girls Do Bike, Black Women Bike DC, and Women & Bicycles
-Jen: Alexandria Spokeswomen
-Joanne: National Capital Velo Club, and WABA
-Lindsey: Team Sticky Fingers
-Loren: The Daily Rider
-Andres: Chocolate City Cycling
-Mike, Charlie, Deana: The Bike Rack DC
-Deirdre: Team Sticky Fingers and Phoenix Bikes
-Lisa: DC Jews on Bikes
-Leah: Gearin’ Up Bicycles
-Dustin: Color of Cycling
-Clark: City Bikes
-Phil: BicycleSPACE

Photos credit: Paul Lagoy 

Your Weekend Bike Calendar

Did you miss registration for the 50 States Ride? Console yourself with these weekend bike events!


SPIN! For WABA and The Climate Ride!
Saturday, August 27th: 1pm – 2pm
Balance Gym, 111 14th St NW
Click here for more information

Join Climate Rider Susan and the fabulous spin instructor Natalie for an hour of intervals, endurance, strength, and fundraising for the 300-mile ride from NYC to DC.


Climate Ride House Show at Casa Phoenix
Sunday, August 28th: 7pm – 9:30pm
Casa Phoenix, Logan Circle DC
Click here to purchase tickets and here to check out their sound

Fresh off their first European Tour, Elis Roseira and Catherine Bent fly in to Washington DC to perform their unique duo at Casa Phoenix. A full vegetarian dinner and a drink are included in your $40 ticket, half of which will go to benefit WABA!


BikeDC Tap Takeover at Atlas Brew Works
Sunday, August 28th: 12pm – 8pm
Atlas Brew Works 2052 W. Virginia Ave NE
Click here for more information

Join your bike family this Sunday– we’re taking over the taps at Atlas Brew Works!

Our local bike celebs will be behind the bar pouring you beers, you’ll tip your bartenders generously, you’ll enjoy your beer, and your tips will directly support better biking in the DC region. You can count on food trucks, summer breezes, and updates on all things biking. Dogs, children and bicycles are welcome.

Bike Celebrity Bartenders On The Line-Up:
-Veronica: Black Women Bike DC and Nspiregreen
-David: Tour De Bike Lane DC
-Colin: DCMTB and Institute for Transportation and Development Policy
-Lesly: Black Women Bike: DC and Women & Bicycles
-Molly: Slow Roll DC HQ and One Love Massive
-Brian: Washington City Paper’s Gear Prudence
-Matt: WABA and REI
-Laurie: Black Women Bike: DC, Black Girls Do Bike, and W&B
-Jen: Alexandria Spokeswomen
-Joanne: National Capital Velo Club and WABA
-Lindsey: Team Sticky Fingers
-Loren: The Daily Rider
-Andres: Chocolate City Cycling
-Mike: The Bike Rack DC
-Deirdre: Team Sticky Fingers and Phoenix Bikes
-Lisa: DC Jews on Bikes
-Leah: Gearin’ Up Bicycles
-Dustin: Color of Cycling

(Want to join us Sunday and represent your group/club/team/org/squad? Send us a note at!)

#DCFemTech Made Us Some Fancy New Tools

Thanks to the tech heroes over at #DCFemTech, WABA had the help of mappers, designers, developers, and CSS champions working to build two new advocacy tools.

Bike Love 1

Team Map (pictured above) assembled the start of a regional map that will show which neighborhoods have access to our current bike infrastructure and which don’t. It’ll help WABA visualize the disparities in access, and help prioritize our advocacy power.  Our goal is to get all residents in the greater metro region within one-mile of safe, dedicated space ride and the greater bike network by 2035.

Bike Love 2

Team SafeTrack (pictured above*) spent the weekend overhauling the SafeTrack page on our website. Our local bike community has a unique opportunity over the next year or so to convert metro riders to bike commuters (in the short and long term).  Team SafeTrack’s goals were to ensure that anyone who lands on our site can easily find the bike resources they need, and the encouragement to give biking a try.

Alex Hack!

We’ll be rolling out these tools shortly. In the meantime, we extend a hearty thank you to the enthusiastic and hard-working volunteers and our team leads Alex and Beth! Bigtime shoutout to @DCFemTech organizers and their sponsors for stepping up to make this happen; thank you, , , , , , and !

*Why are we all linking heart hands? We’re sharing that Tech/Bike love! This weekend combined two burgeoning initiatives in the DC region, WABA’s work to unite women through biking, and DCFemtech’s work to link and lift up women in the tech world. #synergies.


Only a Month Left To Join Team WABA On The Climate Ride!


Image: Climate Ride

Ride for the issues you care about, ride to make bicycling better in your backyard!

To get all your Climate Ride questions answered, join us at our Climate Ride Meet and Greet on June 21st, 6pm to 8pm, at the WABA office. We’ll share tips and tricks and snacks! Click here to R.S.V.P.

Climate Ride NYC-DC is a grand bike adventure that connects two of the nation’s most important cities – New York and Washington, DC – by bicycle. From the departure by ferry in Manhattan to the hero’s welcome and rally at the steps of the US Capitol. The East Coast version of Climate Ride is more than a bike trip – it’s an inspiring journey with 200 like-minded people who are united by their passion for sustainability, renewable energy, and bicycles – the ultimate carbon-free form of transportation. And hey – if you’re looking to travel beyond our backyard, or those dates don’t work for you, there are 9 other rides to choose from!

To get your questions answered now, visit the Climate Ride page, or if you’re ready to register, sign up for our team page.


Image: Climate Ride