Your Weekend Bike Calendar

Did you miss registration for the 50 States Ride? Console yourself with these weekend bike events!


SPIN! For WABA and The Climate Ride!
Saturday, August 27th: 1pm – 2pm
Balance Gym, 111 14th St NW
Click here for more information

Join Climate Rider Susan and the fabulous spin instructor Natalie for an hour of intervals, endurance, strength, and fundraising for the 300-mile ride from NYC to DC.


Climate Ride House Show at Casa Phoenix
Sunday, August 28th: 7pm – 9:30pm
Casa Phoenix, Logan Circle DC
Click here to purchase tickets and here to check out their sound

Fresh off their first European Tour, Elis Roseira and Catherine Bent fly in to Washington DC to perform their unique duo at Casa Phoenix. A full vegetarian dinner and a drink are included in your $40 ticket, half of which will go to benefit WABA!


BikeDC Tap Takeover at Atlas Brew Works
Sunday, August 28th: 12pm – 8pm
Atlas Brew Works 2052 W. Virginia Ave NE
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Join your bike family this Sunday– we’re taking over the taps at Atlas Brew Works!

Our local bike celebs will be behind the bar pouring you beers, you’ll tip your bartenders generously, you’ll enjoy your beer, and your tips will directly support better biking in the DC region. You can count on food trucks, summer breezes, and updates on all things biking. Dogs, children and bicycles are welcome.

Bike Celebrity Bartenders On The Line-Up:
-Veronica: Black Women Bike DC and Nspiregreen
-David: Tour De Bike Lane DC
-Colin: DCMTB and Institute for Transportation and Development Policy
-Lesly: Black Women Bike: DC and Women & Bicycles
-Molly: Slow Roll DC HQ and One Love Massive
-Brian: Washington City Paper’s Gear Prudence
-Matt: WABA and REI
-Laurie: Black Women Bike: DC, Black Girls Do Bike, and W&B
-Jen: Alexandria Spokeswomen
-Joanne: National Capital Velo Club and WABA
-Lindsey: Team Sticky Fingers
-Loren: The Daily Rider
-Andres: Chocolate City Cycling
-Mike: The Bike Rack DC
-Deirdre: Team Sticky Fingers and Phoenix Bikes
-Lisa: DC Jews on Bikes
-Leah: Gearin’ Up Bicycles
-Dustin: Color of Cycling

(Want to join us Sunday and represent your group/club/team/org/squad? Send us a note at!)

#DCFemTech Made Us Some Fancy New Tools

Thanks to the tech heroes over at #DCFemTech, WABA had the help of mappers, designers, developers, and CSS champions working to build two new advocacy tools.

Bike Love 1

Team Map (pictured above) assembled the start of a regional map that will show which neighborhoods have access to our current bike infrastructure and which don’t. It’ll help WABA visualize the disparities in access, and help prioritize our advocacy power.  Our goal is to get all residents in the greater metro region within one-mile of safe, dedicated space ride and the greater bike network by 2035.

Bike Love 2

Team SafeTrack (pictured above*) spent the weekend overhauling the SafeTrack page on our website. Our local bike community has a unique opportunity over the next year or so to convert metro riders to bike commuters (in the short and long term).  Team SafeTrack’s goals were to ensure that anyone who lands on our site can easily find the bike resources they need, and the encouragement to give biking a try.

Alex Hack!

We’ll be rolling out these tools shortly. In the meantime, we extend a hearty thank you to the enthusiastic and hard-working volunteers and our team leads Alex and Beth! Bigtime shoutout to @DCFemTech organizers and their sponsors for stepping up to make this happen; thank you, , , , , , and !

*Why are we all linking heart hands? We’re sharing that Tech/Bike love! This weekend combined two burgeoning initiatives in the DC region, WABA’s work to unite women through biking, and DCFemtech’s work to link and lift up women in the tech world. #synergies.


Only a Month Left To Join Team WABA On The Climate Ride!


Image: Climate Ride

Ride for the issues you care about, ride to make bicycling better in your backyard!

To get all your Climate Ride questions answered, join us at our Climate Ride Meet and Greet on June 21st, 6pm to 8pm, at the WABA office. We’ll share tips and tricks and snacks! Click here to R.S.V.P.

Climate Ride NYC-DC is a grand bike adventure that connects two of the nation’s most important cities – New York and Washington, DC – by bicycle. From the departure by ferry in Manhattan to the hero’s welcome and rally at the steps of the US Capitol. The East Coast version of Climate Ride is more than a bike trip – it’s an inspiring journey with 200 like-minded people who are united by their passion for sustainability, renewable energy, and bicycles – the ultimate carbon-free form of transportation. And hey – if you’re looking to travel beyond our backyard, or those dates don’t work for you, there are 9 other rides to choose from!

To get your questions answered now, visit the Climate Ride page, or if you’re ready to register, sign up for our team page.


Image: Climate Ride


Alexandria Bike Campus: Miles’ Story


Last week, we announced our plan to turn an unused parking lot into the region’s first ever bike campus. Thanks to our members, we’re halfway to our fundraising goal!

The total cost of the project is around $55,000. We’re trying to secure $35,000 in grants and sponsorships, and we need your help to cover the remaining costs.

Before we ask you to make a donation, we want to highlight one of our members and why he and his family support the Alexandria Bike Campus. Miles learned to ride in the city as an adult, and taught his daughter to ride at—you guessed it—Jones Point Park.


My name’s Miles and I really don’t know what I’d do without my bike. I wasn’t born a bicyclist, I learned in an old orchard as a kid. Although I crashed into trees, I never had to worry about how to bike sensibly with cars, pedestrians, and other people on bikes.

It was years later, in my early thirties, before I was comfortable riding in the street at all. Now I ride my bike to work 25 miles a day. Think of all those lost years between the orchard and the city streets! It was a difficult process. Even as an adult, I had a hard time getting comfortable and and feeling safe and learning to be courteous around other people moving through the city.

It’s even harder for kids. My kids didn’t have an orchard to learn in, but places like Jones Point park are a good environment to teach kids how to fall in love with biking. It’s great: safe, flat, bathrooms nearby, and a relaxing setting by the river.

I’m thrilled to learn about WABA’s proposed bike campus. I love the idea of a fun practice course that models our city streets, because we need a dedicated space to teach people how to ride safely around town. Think of all the years of lost biking joy we can spare them! Think of all the family excursions they’ll be able to take if they can learn someplace safe! Imagine how much more fun we’d have if everyone learned at a young age how to love biking and how to bike safely around town!

Thank you, WABA!

Miles’ confident new rider!


We need $11,750 to make the Alexandria Bike Campus a reality.

Alexandria Bike Campus – We’re Halfway There!

Quick update: we’re 50% of the way to having enough money to build the Alexandria Bike Campus –thanks for helping us get this far!

Help the bike movement reach new heights at the Alexandria Bike Campus!

bike campus thankyou


Quick rundown: here’s what makes the Alexandria Bike Campus awesome: 

  • It’s the first of its kind in our region! Baltimore has one, Austin has one, Santa Monica has one. We deserve one!
  • Anyone can go learn, practice, teach, anytime, any day – especially the days we’re teaching classes.
  • The design is simple. It’s paint and instructional signage. And it’s a pilot. Over time we’ll try to build it out to a 3D streetscape!
  • We’re grateful to partner with National Park Service, and plan to get to work and launch this fall.
  • We’re grateful for any leads on other potential bike campus locations and partners. You know you want one in your neighborhood!

We need $20,000 to make the Alexandria Bike Campus a reality.

Draft Alexandria Bike Campus Design


Less Than 12 hours To Fund The Alexandria Bike Campus


Thanks to all who’ve donated, you’ve helped fund 24% of our supplies list! Please donate by midnight so we can finish planning and start painting. With funding in place this week, we hope to have a completed campus by the fall.

Hurry! Don’t wait. Help fund the Alexandria Bike Campus.

This is a rare opportunity. Our partners at the National Park Service are on board to change the landscape of the bike movement.

This bike campus benefits you, as a parent, by providing a safe place to bring your children and their friends.

This bike campus benefits you, as a Mount Vernon Trail user, by building a more popular place to teach kids how to bike than the hectic area around Gravelly Point.

This bike campus benefits you, as an Alexandrian, by signaling to your community-members and representatives that biking and bike education should be prioritized for all.

And this benefits you, as a bicyclist in the D.C. region, not just for increasing the access and profile of bike education, but because when we show this facility works in Alexandria we can take it to your local decision-makers and make the case for one in your backyard.

Your $55 for a 5-gallon bucket of driveway sealer will help us seal the deal!


Yep! We’re Finally Getting Our Region’s First Bike Campus!

Have you seen our plan to convert an unused parking lot into a next-generation classroom for biking? With your help, we’re finally bringing our region its first-ever Bike Campus!

We’re asking you to help us raise funds to create the region’s first Bike Campus.

If you’ve donated to WABA, you know you’ve contributed to concrete change in our built environment and a tangible shift in the way we all interact on the road. You’ve made a lasting impact in our region. Thank you for continuing to back us. Thank you for driving our mission to make our region the best place to ride a bike.

Donate today to create a safe and vibrant place for people to learn about biking.

Bike Camp 3


For two and half years we’ve worked with National Park Service to take Jones Point Park, in the heart of Alexandria, to the next level as a place for bike education. With your help, we’ll have the funds to convert an unused parking lot into a vibrant skills course and replica streetscape so we can teach you and your children how to safely and confidently navigate city streets. And so you can take your children out on the weekends and teach them how to ride. But we can’t do it without your help.

Donate today to show your support for the next generation of bicyclists.

Bike Camp 2Over a dozen cities across the country have bike campuses, and it’s time we get one ourselves! Your support will pay for actual supplies so we can clean and re-seal the surface, lay out and paint the campus, and post new signage around the park! Your support will pay for our maintenance fund, so that we can help cover the costs of ownership over the new park. With your backing we’ll have a template to pressure other counties to adopt, and with your help we’ll eventually have bike campuses across Northern Virginia, D.C. and Maryland.

Chip in today so we can create a Bike Campus our region deserves.