Join Us on Jan. 23rd to Discuss Big Plans for Maryland and D.C.

mdot_logoddot_logoTwo of the most important planning processes for the future of biking in our region will be taking place simultaneously this year. Your input, presence, opinions, and comments will be needed to ensure that bike infrastructure is acknowledged and included.

Beginning in February, the District Department of Transportation will begin work on D.C.’s first multimodal transportation plan, called MoveDC. Also, beginning this spring, the Maryland Department of Transportation will begin seeking public input as it updates the state’s Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan for the first time since 2002.

Both plans present significant opportunities to alter how people get around, and in subsequent posts we’ll provide more detailed information on each. What matters most right now is that both processes are being designed to maximally integrate public input into the planning of our transportation future. While WABA will be actively involved as an organization, it’s also critical that people—like you!—who value biking as a way of getting around and want to see it encouraged in the future participate.

On Wed., Jan. 23, from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m., we will be hosting an open house at our office in Adams Morgan. This will be a low-key opportunity for people interested in participating in these processes and testifying or presenting at public meetings to meet their fellow bicyclists, review background materials, ask questions, and get a better understanding of what’s going on in D.C. and Maryland.

Changes are coming, and your input is essential. We hope to see you on Jan. 23!

Announcing WABA’s Business Membership Program


Dense, accessible neighborhoods are becoming more and more popular, and the Washington area is no exception: The region is growing rapidly. More people need more ways to get around, and bicycling is a safe, convenient, and affordable way to do so. And more people also need more amenities and services.

For 40 years, WABA has worked to make the D.C. area better for bicycling through education, advocacy, outreach, and organized events. As we move forward in 2013, we will continue our advocacy campaigns, but we need to expand our reach. In order to build a truly walkable, bikeable region, we need the support of the community at large.

One way to engender that kind of support is by connecting with area businesses through our Business Membership program, which we’re launching in earnest this year. We’re really excited by the prospect of working with businesses who recognize the value of biking and want to encourage it among their staff and customers.

As a WABA business member, a business gets better access to and involvement in a community that actively seeks better opportunities for cycling. Bike-friendly businesses can show their dedication to cycling, and businesses interested in becoming more bike-friendly can rapidly boost their efforts. And the support goes both ways: Bike-friendly businesses attract employees and customers that are interested in working for and supporting the cause, and employees and customers are healthier and happier to be in an environment that supports their transit mode of choice.

We want to extend a huge welcome—and thanks—to the five businesses who have already joined up with us for the Business Membership program’s launch: VeloCity Bicycle Cooperative (our founding member!), Ecoprint, KGP Design Studio, LLCThe Motley Fool, and Bike and Roll. Expect to hear more about these businesses on our blog, Twitter, and Facebook.

If you know of a business interested in membership or want to learn more about the program, check out our business membership page or contact our Membership Coordinator, Megan Van de Mark, at or by phone at (202) 518-0524 x203. If you already think this is the coolest thing ever, join as a business member today!