CANCELLED: Tonight’s New Bike Ambassador Orientation


Due to Hurricane Sandy, tonight’s new Bike Ambassador Orientation (scheduled for 6:30-7:30pm)  is cancelled. Please stay safe and out of the storm!

Stay tuned for a rescheduled event date, and feel free to e-mail with any questions or concerns, or to sign-up for the next orientation.



LAST DAY to Join WABA During the Membership Drive!

Today is the LAST DAY of the Fall Membership Drive! Thanks to everyone who joined or referred-a-friend this week! Your support keeps our advocacy wheels rolling forward!

Haven’t joined yet? There’s still time! Join today to receive a discounted 1-year individual and 1-year family membership ($10 off). Each new member who joins during the membership drive also gets a free WABA water bottle or WABA sunglasses along with a WABA patch kit or tire levers set (while supplies last).


… all our volunteers who stood at busy intersections throughout the week, promoting bicycling and WABA while handing out free bike maps!

City Bikes, for donating awesome bike prizes for our refer-a-friend drawing!

BikeArlington, for providing coffee and granola bars and then helping pass them out!


Refer-a-Friend to Join WABA During the Membership Drive & Win Cool Bike Prizes!

During this week’s Fall Membership Drive, we have been asking WABA members to support us by referring-a-friend to join WABA. If every WABA member refers just one co-worker, friend, family member, or fellow bike commuter to join, our reach will be twice as big! That’s two times as many people working to ensure bicyclists’ needs are represented. We all benefit when this happens.

To convey our appreciation, we will be entering each referrer into a drawing for cool bike prizes. Thanks to our friends at City Bikes, we will be giving away a Specialized helmet, OnGuard Pitbull bike lock, and Planet Bike Blaze Superflash light set. In addition, our top five referrers will receive a free 1-year WABA membership or membership extension.

Use this customizable, “refer-a-friend” email to refer up to 20 friends to join. Feel free to change or personalize the message, but remember to leave the join link so they can receive 1-year individual and 1-year family discounted memberships ($10 off). Just make certain your friends fill in your name (in the “referred by a friend” field) when they join so you can get credit.

Not a member? You can still refer-a-friend. Or join yourself!

Join WABA During the Fall Membership Drive to Secure Awesome Member Benefits!

Supporting WABA to sustain our on-going bicycle advocacy in the Washington region is a wonderful benefit in and of itself. Our advocacy ensures that the bike lanes get striped (or painted green), the trails get funded and built, the bicycle education classes get taught, and the bike racks installed.

But the additional member benefits are also worth JOINING for! As a WABA member, you have access to a whole slate of benefits including:

  • Discounts at 50 area bike shops
  • Discounts on WABA events and rides (i.e. VASA, BikeFest, Bike Prom, 50 States, etc.)
  • Discounts from many community business partners like ZipCar
  • Subscription to the quarterly WABA newsletter, RideOn
  • Use of WABA’s complimentary bike “boxes” when you travel
  • Up-to-date information on current bicycle advocacy issues and how you can take action on them

And the benefits keep growing. Earlier this month, Lunar Massage became WABA’s newest discount partner, offering free membership to their massage studios (a $40 up front savings!). After a long day of riding, what could be better than a nice, healing massage?

Join during WABA’s Fall Membership Drive, October 22nd-26th, and secure these benefits for yourself! We are offering our 1-year individual and 1-year family memberships at a discount ($10 off each). Each new and renewing member who joins during the drive also gets a free WABA water bottle or WABA sunglasses along with a WABA patch kit and tire levers set (while supplies last).

Join WABA During Our Membership Drive to Help Get More Kids & Adults on Bikes

Every year, WABA teaches thousands of children and hundreds of adults how to get around their neighborhoods safely by bike through our Adult Learn to Ride classes, Bike Commuter seminars, Confident City Cycling classes, and bike skills events. Help WABA get more kids and adults on bikes by joining during our Fall Membership Drive.

This week, October 22nd-26th, we are offering our 1-year individual and 1-year family memberships at a discounted rate. Each new member who joins during the drive also receives a free WABA water bottle or pair of WABA sunglasses along with a WABA patch kit and tire levers set (while supplies last).

Join WABA During Our Membership Drive to Help Make Bicycling Better in the Washington Area!

WABA’s advocacy has helped get green lanes painted in DC & Arlington. Become a member today!

Seen a green lane on your recent commute? Want to see more? Join WABA or refer-a-friend to support our advocacy.

Most of what WABA does, day-in and day-out, isn’t terribly visible. It’s attending evening community meetings and testifying at public hearings and reviewing budget notes and writing letters to the editors. But it’s because we spend the thousands of hours doing this behind-the-scenes advocacy work that the trails get funded and built, the bike lanes striped, the safety classes taught, and the bike racks installed. However, we are reliant on the financial support of area bicyclists to continue this work. To sustain our advocacy efforts WABA is launching a Fall Membership Drive this week, October 22nd-26th. For the next five days we are offering our 1-year individual and 1-year family memberships at a discounted rate ($10 off).

To sweeten the deal: each new member who joins during the drive receives a free WABA water bottle or WABA sunglasses along with a WABA patch kit and tire levers set (while supplies last).

Moving Forward with the Met Branch Trail Alignment at Georgia Avenue

Last week, WABA met with representatives of Montgomery Preservation Inc. (MPI), the County Executive, Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT), and the offices of Councilmembers Riemer and Ervin to work to resolve the impasse on the trail alignment as it crosses Georgia Avenue and passes the historic B&O Train Station that serves as a headquarters and event space for MPI.  At this meeting, MCDOT officials stated that the agency, the County Executive, and the County Council were committed to the Master Plan Trail Alignment and to a grade separated crossing of Georgia Avenue, and that design work is beginning.

Thanks to the hundreds of WABA members and supporters who wrote to County leaders to prompt this movement, and special thank to Councilmember Ervin for attending last week’s meeting and remaining personally involved in this important trail project in her District.

There is still much work to be done to ensure that the trail is well-designed to serve the expected usage, as this trail will be a major point of access to the Silver Spring Transit Center as well as a key commuter and recreation route.  MPI remains committed to ensuring that the historic character of the train station is maintained and enhanced.  WABA remains committed to ensuring that the trail is a safe, functional trail for riders of all ages and abilities.  These commitments are not incompatible.

With the question of alignment resolved, our work is now to ensure that the work progresses expeditiously toward a Metropolitan Branch Trail that will meet deliver on its promise as a transportation and recreational amenity and be an asset to the entire community.

Both MPI and WABA sent letters to MCDOT Deputy Director Gonzalez providing feedback on Friday’s meeting.  They are shared below.


WABA Letter to MCDOT re: MBT 10.19.2012

MPI’s Letter to Deputy Director Edgar Gonzalez

Tour the US by Bike with Bike Escapades, a WABA Discount-Partner

“Membership with Benefits” is a blog series in which we highlight a different WABA member benefit each month. Last month we featured Brighter Days Collective Dog Walking & Pet Sitting. This month we’re featuring Bike Escapades, a bike touring company.

Planning trips can be stressful and planning bike trips can be even more stressful. Figuring out where to stay and eat, what route(s) to bike, and how to transport everything can be demanding. Sometimes we just want to ride our bikes in new, beautiful settings and not worry about the logistics of how to do so. Fortunately, Bike Escapades makes bike vacations easy.

Bike Escapades is a small bike touring company that provides fully supported bike trips throughout the United States. Enjoy spectacular scenery and local culture on quite roads without the logistical headache of arranging it. Where to stay and eat? They take care of it.

Join Bike Escapades on any of their 2013 bike tours and save $150 as a WABA member. For every member that takes advantage of the discount, Bike Escapades donates an additional $150 to WABA in your name.

Now THAT’S a member benefit!

Support from Berliner, Floreen on Montgomery County Priorities

In the last post, Greg Billing explained the steps Arlington and DC have made in recent days to bring green lanes to these jurisdictions.  At the same time, Montgomery County legislators have been doing their part to ensure that the County works to become more bike-friendly as well.

Because much of this work has been done behind the scenes, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank two members of Montgomery  County’s Transportation and Environment Committee–Council President Roger Berliner and Councilmember Nancy Floreen–for their recent steps in support of bicycle facility improvements.

We have met with both councilmembers to discuss their approaches to better integrating bicycling into Montgomery Count’s transportation priorities, and both have responded in support of these efforts.

The first letter below is Council President Berliner’s letter in support of the Capital Crescent Trail.  The second is Councilmember Floreen’s letter specifying preference for buffered bike lanes and suggesting numerous opportunities for biking improvements downcounty in advance of bikeshare.

CCT WiscAve Crossing Sept2012

Bicycle Letter – Mobley

Green Paint in Arlington and DC

A Bikeshare rider in a newly painted Green bike lane on I St SW at South Capitol Street.

Green Paint has arrived in the Washington region. Arlington, VA and Washington, DC have been coloring bike lanes green over the past few weeks.  Green bike lanes increase a driver’s awareness of the presence of a bike lane and helps make the cyclist more visible to the driver.

The paint used to color the lanes is called “StreetBond CL“. New York City has been using the same green color treatment for the past few years. In fact, DDOT painted a test strip of green paint in a bike lane a few years ago on 15th St. SE to analyze it’s durability. The paint is designed to be low maintenance and anti-slip in all types pf weather. The mix both DC and Arlington are using has added grit to increase friction, especially when wet. Many other road and lane markings are very slippery when it’s rainy – this road treatment is not!

You won’t be seeing miles of green paint soon. Painting miles of lanes is expensive, requires on-going maintenance and doesn’t increase the overall safety for cyclists. Instead, DDOT has developed a striping policy for applying green paint to bike lanes. Their focus will be conflict zones (end of bike lanes, mixing zones with cycle tracks, etc), safe zones (bike boxes, floating bike lanes, etc) and at major intersections to guide bicyclists through them.

See the full list of bike lanes in Arlington County planned to be painted green (or have already been painted). DDOT will be painting lanes over the next few weeks and the highly anticipated L St cycle track (PDF) will include green paint (M St cycle track will have green paint in 2013).  Officials expect the L St cycle track will be installed during the first few weeks of November. So, be on the look out for green paint in a bike lane near you!