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Give Us some Green, Get some Green (Fest Ticket)

That’s right.  We’re giving away free tickets to the Green Festival, taking place this weekend, October 23-24, 2010.

If you’re not a current member, all you have to do is join at the $35 Individual level (or greater).  As a thank you for joining, we’ll give you a one-day ticket to the festival for either Saturday or Sunday.  Don’t worry, if you’re already a member (we love you too), use the same link and just donate 10 bucks (or more) and a one-day ticket is yours.

We’ll be located outside the festival next to the box office, where you can  join or donate in person and pick up your ticket on Saturday from 10am-6pm or on Sunday from 11am-5pm.

Check out the Green Festival Guide to get the complete list of speakers and exhibitors who will be at the festival.

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The link provided for the festival guide is for the one in San Francisco, not the one in DC.

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