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Increase Bicycle Mode Share through Outreach to Underserved Communities

According to DDOT Bicycle Master Plan, the goal is to have 5% of trips be on bicycle that are made in the District of Columbia by 2015. This will be about a 100 percent increase over the current bicycling mode share. To achieve this goal, there must be outreach to underserved communities by the no traditionally served by bicycling advocacy. This includes serving more kids and woman cyclists, community members in areas of the city with little to no bicycling infrastructure and those with little or no voice in the planning process. WABA will be working hard to reach out to the underserved in our community and getting these future cyclists excited about bikes!

Improve and Widen the Rock Creek Trail

In the near future the National Park Service and District Department of Transportation will begin an Environmental Assessment for the planned improvements to the Rock Creek Trail from P Street to Broad Branch.  Thanks to WABA's advocacy efforts and the help of local cyclists the plans for the trail include widening the trail to 10 feet where possible, 8 feet where necessary.  Key intersections such as the one at Shorham Hill, will be also improved for safety. 

WABA's Position on the Rock Creek Trail Widening

Build the Metropolitan Branch Trail (MBT)

As envisioned, the trail would connect Union Station with Silver Spring loosely following Metro’s Red Line.  It would also link to the extension of the Capital Crescent Trail in Silver Spring and with the trails of the National Mall, completing what has been called the Bicycle Beltway.  A spur trail would also be built from Ft Totten to the West Hyattsville Metro and link up with the Anacostia Tributaries Trail Network. The MBT is a key bike facility in an area of the city that lacks them.  It would provide non-motorized access to five libraries, eight recreation centers and playgrounds, 28 schools, five colleges or universities, seven Metro stations and forty seven places of worship. 

WABA wants to thank Rails to Trails and the Coca-Cola Foundation for their support of the Metropolitan Branch Trail.

Improved Traffic Enforcement, Police Education

Over the last few years, WABA has been working hard to better educate police officers on the importance of the proper enforcement of traffic laws for driver and cyclists.  WABA's Pocket Guide to DC Bike Laws will soon be available at all police district stations and officers will receive a copy for their own use.  In addition, WABA is working on a Memorandum of Understanding between WABA, DDOT and MPD that would formally acknowledge each groups’ role in traffic safety outlining steps each would take to improve bike and ped safety.  

Expand & Improve Bike Sharing

Launched in September 2010, Capital Bikeshare is the largest regional bike sharing program in the United States operating in both Washington, DC and Arlington, VA. WABA wants to see the system expanded to more locations in both jurisdictions and new municipalities to join. Bike sharing provides a vital link to the "last mile" from transit and a fast and quick mode for short trips such as a lunchtime meeting or running to the grocery store.

Increase Bike Parking and Strengthen Bike Parking Requirements

Legislation passed in 2008 (updated in 2009) with WABA's help now requires new developments in the District of Columbia to include bike parking spaces.  It also makes it easier for residents at existing buildings to have bike parking installed.  WABA will soon begin work on a study of bike access to DC government buildings to see what can be done to further encourage biking by DC government employees and visitors to offices.

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Listing of area government and advocacy contacts related to biking.


District of Columbia Bicycle Advisory Council


Rock Creek Conservancy


Metropolitan Branch Trail Coalition
Contact Paul Meijer for more information by phone 202.726.7364 or email meijer@cua.edu.


Coalition of the Capital Crescent Trail


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