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Pennsylvania Bike Lanes and Bike Ambassador

News Fox 5 (March 2010)


Bike Ambassador Program to Educate Road Warriors News Channel 8 (Aug 2009)

Smart Bike DC Video The City Fix blog (June 2009)

Inaugural Bike Valet

Another Sign of Change: Bike Valets LA Times (January, 2009)

Inaugural Bikes Valet Service Parks about 2000 Bikes DC Examiner (January, 2009)

Inaugural Bikes and Local Goodies Bike Jax (January, 2009)

Photos of Inauguration Beyond DC (January, 2009)

Twitter Hits Search Twitter.com (January, 2009)

Over Four Times the People and No Traffic Greater Greater Washington (January, 2009)

Group Plans Bicycle Valet Service for Inauguration NBC News (January, 2009)

Dr G's Tips Washington Post (January, 2009)

Shut Up and Bike DC Examiner (January, 2009)

Cyclist Prepare for Obama Inauguration AFP (January, 2009)

5,000 Inauguration Parade Tickets Going on Sale Today at 1pm Jaunted.com (January, 2009)

An Inauguration survival guide for students Vox Populi (January, 2009)

Yes You Can! Bike to the Inauguration: Express Night Out  (January, 2009)



Bike Valet Service for Inauguration Moves Closter to Reality in the District: DC Examiner   (December 2008)

Congress Issues Inaugural Advisory: Politico     

(December 2008)

Bicycle Group to Offer Valet Service: FOXNEWS     

(December 2008)

Big Crowds, Long Waits at Innaguration: Boston.com    

(December 2008)

State News of National Interest: Herals Tribune     

(December 2008)

Iaugural Bike Valet Statios Approved: City Desk (December 2008)

Group Pushes for Bike Valet on Inaguration Day: WTOP 103.5 FM (December 2008)

Wells Might Ride Bike to Inaguration: City Desk,

(December 2008)


Names and Faces: Ed Begely Jr: WashingtonPost.com

(November 2008)

Bike Safety Hits Close to Home: WashingtonPost.com (Video Clip Below) (July 2008)

Novak Hit and Run: The Daily Show (Video Clip Below)



Trading Gas Guzzlers for Bikes: CBS News (Video Below)



Cyclist Killed in DC

Ghost Bike, Washington DC: ghostbikes.org


WABA's Press Conference at Fatal Accident Site DCist


Tragic Death a Public Loss Dr. Gridlock


Mayor Fenty on Bike Safety NBC 4 video about 50 seconds from the end (July 2008)

Memorial Service Held for Bicyclist Killed (Video) News8


Memorial For Alice Swanson (Blog) Bloomingdale for Now


Bicyclist Death Prompts Look at Safety (Video) NBC4


Bicyclist Struck and Killed by Garbage Truck in Dupont Circle ABC7


Police Identify Woman Struck, Killed by Truck in DC NBC4


Woman Killed by Garbage Truck in Dupont: Woman Identified DCist


Woman Killed by Garbage Truck in Dupont DCist


Biker Struck, Killed by Garbage Truck WTop News


Cyclist Hit, Killed in Northweat Fox


Woman Struck, Killed by Trash Truck in DC NBC4


Bicyclist Struck and Killed by Garbage Truck in Dupont Circle News8 (July,2008)

Cyclist Struck, Killed by Garbage Truck Washington Post (July,2008)


Gas Prices Lead to Biking Boom: NBC4


Weekly Music Agenda : DCist

(May 2008)

Trail Blazer: Chain Grease, Not Skin Grease : Express

(May 2008)

Going Out Guru's Nitelife Agenda :   Washington Post

(May 2008)

Where and What to Do this Weekend: Bike Prom:   Washingtonian.com  (May 2008)

Rain Doesn't Put Brakes on Bike To Work Day- NBC4

(May 2008)

Bike To Work Day Promotes Cycling Alternative-   Maryland Gazette  (May 2008)

Morning Roundup: Bike To Work Day Edition- Dcist Blog

(May 2008)

This Is Bike To Work Day- Dr Gridlock, Washington Post

(May 2008)

Save Money, Bike to Work- CBNNews.com

(May 2008)

Biking to Work? What a Ride!- WTOP News Video Blog

(Video below)( May 2008)

Most Improved City: Washington DC - DCist Blurb

(May 8, 2008)

Most Improved City: Washington DC - Bicycling Magazine (June 2008)

City Desk Pace Car Article- The Washington City Paper 


"Trailblazer: Biking the Blossoms" -Washington Express


"No Easy Access Near Ballpark for Disabled"- DC Examiner (3/18/08)

Bike Parking at DCUSA - Washington Post


Three Minute Interview with Dorcas Adkins - DC Examiner (3/14/08)







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